Four class action lawsuits over Cyberpunk’s troubled launch are combining

From VGC: "Four class action lawsuits brought against CD Projekt over Cyberpunk 2077’s troubled launch have been consolidated.

The Witcher developer confirmed on Tuesday that a lead plaintiff has been appointed and following this consolidation, all four lawsuits will now be subject to potential common court proceedings."

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Arikv266d ago

You either die a hero or live long enough to become the bad guy.

rockwhynot66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Upper management didn't listen to their employees. Many employees were vocal the summer before release that major game systems were not complete and they needed another year. The company had to know. They didn't even allow last gen systems reviews before release.

anast66d ago

To bad their employees weren't vocal enough about building the game from the ground up, instead of taking the easy way and patching the game with next gen tech. Aaaaaand they still took the money.

Mr_cheese66d ago

Under no scenerio did this company not know what they were launching, there is absolutely no way.

The madness of it is that i love the game (glitches and issues a side) and can see the potential the IP has if done correctly. I shouldn't hold hope but im a sucker

thorstein66d ago

"CD Projekt has recently suggested that only a small percentage of Cyberpunk 2077 players claimed a refund via its official scheme in 2020."

BULLL EFFING ESSSSS! I went to get a refund (just like they claimed) at Gamestop. I was told that I would get store credit, which means Gamestop (love them or hate them) would be screwed over, NOT CDPR. CDPR would keep their money which is BS.

This game wasn't ready to launch. It hasn't been fixed. It isn't going to be. Love to be wrong here, but, instead of a promise to set things right and shut their mouths and get to work, we get excuses and patches.

I honestly feel bad for Keanu Reeves because he was duped into starring in this fiasco.

anast66d ago

Reeves played the game on a high end PC and liked the game...

66d ago
soundoffreedom66d ago

I think this game is beyond repair anymore. But I don't even waste the time to write more about how bad this game is

CrimsonWing6966d ago

In the famous words of Walter from The Big Lebowski: “This is what happens when you f*** a stranger in the a**!”

AirRevenant66d ago

So much whining, over one of the most incredible games I've played in the last couple years.

CrimsonWing6966d ago

Yea, but you can’t deny the shady practices they did. Like, how can reviewers only be able to review the PC version? That has never happened before and should’ve been a dead-ringer, but most ignored it due to the critical praise. I hope publishers learn to quit watchdogging consumers and start being transparent.

66d ago
CrimsonWing6966d ago


Ok, let me rephrase this, how can the reviewers only review the PC version and make a disclaimer they are not allowed to talk about the consoles version?

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