Halo 3 Hype Machine

Why the beta needs to rock our faces off. -IGN article -

"Last November, Bungie released a set of screenshots -- the first for Halo 3. I think the collective question on everybody's minds was, "Are they serious?" The screens don't look bad, but I hope I'm not alone in saying that I expected a lot more."

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FeralPhoenix5249d ago

Thats the whole point.

Its kind of a hard thing to predict because on one hand anybody with any common sense knows that Halo 3 will be a huge hit and it will sell very well when its released, but at the same time on the other hand it depends on what you definition of failure is(It won't fail)....because the expectations might be un-realistic and of course alot of "critics" will find any and every "percieved flaw" and if sales are great they will say they expected them to be better...blah, blah....well not to worry it will be very good and if you really like Halo franchise you will no doubt enjoy this game, IMO.

calderra5248d ago

Halo 2 became the fastest-selling piece of media in history, and its success topping the charts on Xbox Live for YEARS after its release clearly proved it deserved its place.

...and Halo 2 was met with literally MILLIONS of whiners and complainers on the interwebs b***ing and whining about EVERY. TINY. ASPECT of the game.

Halo 3 will be no different. If the Halo 3 beta was so great that people with heart conditions and pregnant women had to be medically disallowed from viewing how heart-stoppingly awesome it was, there would still be TONS of b***ing on the 'net.

IGN's just getting a headstart and trying to claim a spot on the Whaaaaaambulance.

fukuba75248d ago

wut is this (IGN) guy talking about??
the beta isn't ment to 'rock ur sox', if the beta is dissapointing then that gives Bungie enough feedback to make the multiplayer game alot better.
Really it's just the final game that matters

PS360PCROCKS5248d ago

No he's so right about it, I was sooo underwhelmed about the screenshots I have seen so far, they literally SUCKED. This beta does need to be good, it needs to show good graphics, sound etc and major improvements over Halo 2. They know multiplayer if the multiplayer for this sucks, than their is problems. Look at it like this would you have bought LP if the demo totally blew? FNR3? etc etc etc if the demo blows what makes you think the final product will be ten thousands times better. This beta needs to rock, I don't have a doubt in my mind tho that it will. Bungie would never agree to it if the demo was REALLY bad, it should be pretty good.

Baller445245d ago

fukuba7 has a point. that (ign) guy is retarted.