Tencent Holdings acquires 3.8% of shares in Remedy Entertainment

Tencent Holdings acquires 3.8% of shares in Remedy Entertainment from Accendo Capital – Accendo owns 14.0% after the transaction.

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NecrumOddBoy31d ago

CCP Monies just go wherever the please...

Vengeance113831d ago

Basically confirms that Remedy can't be acquired by MS or Sony.

cooperdnizzle31d ago

Not really but okay 👍🏻.

gamer780431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Yah no not really, money talks , besides I’d rather remedy remain independent

Ausbo31d ago

What it means is remedy is likely looking only for investors instead of a full acquisition. Because I’m sure Sony and Microsoft have tried

DOMination-31d ago

I'm not so sure. Remedy have a long history of making expensive games that turn out to be good (but never great) with limited market appeal.

They certainly fit Sony's portfolio the most, but they had a chance to purchase a similar developer years ago with similar traits (QD) and they passed it up - ultimately these devs might make cult-classics but expensive dev costs and low sales are not a great business model for publishers.

dcbronco31d ago

Could be a money grab in anticipation of another company acquiring all of Remedy. 4% is really low for a company their size unless it's about a unique opportunity for money. Remedy isn't like a small investment in a startup. Look for a acquisition announcement at one of these conferences coming up.

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