Will Sony Go Future Proof Again?

Sev1512 of writes:

Lets face it PS3 fans out there, the PS3 is not going to win this generation. The king has been dethroned by the combined effort of Microsoft and Nintendo. The new casual market, third-party developers going multi-platform, the slow start to the PSN, lack of promised features… all these things have hurt PlayStation 3. But nothing has hurt it like its price.

Of course there is more value in a PS3 than any other console. The future proof approach Sony took has really paid off for PS3 gamers, but no so much for Sony. The PlayStation 3 launched with a price well above what the average gamer is used to paying for console. The main reason behind this, especially at the beginning of the PS3 life-cycle, is due to the addition of Blu-Ray.

Because of Blu-Ray, Sony had to drop BC, as well as USB ports, and card readers, to make their console more affordable to the dwindling world economy. Even now, the PlayStation 3 is priced higher than the PSOne and PS2 was at launch their launch.

Most people thought that once the PS3 got it's triple A games, the PS3 would finally start selling. Well unfortunately this isn't true. It's not that the PS3 isn't selling, it's selling just fine. Just not as much as the other console manufacturers, even with the better exclusive line-up of games. The gaming market has become large enough to fully support 3 consoles.

Don't get me wrong, I love my PS3, I love good ol' Ken Kutaragi for his "Future Proof" vision. I just upgraded to a 500GB HDD (where I thought I had lost all my trophies), so I take full advantage of it being "future proof". The only thing that Ken didn't predict in this future was a recession.

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BrunoM3657d ago

Sup SEV ..

Well i do like to read what you put out and you do have good points but out of everything our industry is the one taking the smalest if any hit from the money problem that is going around (and yes it will hit us but in a smal scale)

And as far as not wining these gen is hard to tell if u think of he wii as a next gen console then YES your right even tho i see the wii sales taking a HUGE hit soon and now we gona stat seeing the reall hardkore gamers upgrading i mean there was about 130 to 150 Mil ps2 out there alot of consoles to be sold still (even if we put wii ps3 and 360s sales is alot to be sold)

so ya back to the point if u see the wii as a next gen ok maibe your right if we see the 360 then is hard to tell after all the ps3 has less one year out and clouse a 5 to 6 mill gap to 2 to maibe 3 MIL selling a System that us 2x more than Its really its chalanger on these Gen ...

(and lets think about it Sony does lose money with every ps3 they make sell BUT they alsow make almost 90% profit out of the ps2 and about 50% out of the psp so id say the talks about sony leaving the console BIZZ is well dumb)

but ya in 2010 will be wen we will see how the console "WAR" is gona end up ending..

as for me i got all 3 and like the good things about every one of them as for now i been playing my ps3 a heck of a lot more.. Even tho gears was alot of fun to finish didnt kinda like the end dont know why..

any ways im off gona go to HOME see whats going on ..

Wizeguy213657d ago

granted the Wii is taking names and kicking ass!
I really don't like that because I hate taking steps back in technology!(excluding wii mote! but even then)

But the fact remains that everyone is saying it's over, TOO early! And I think the problem is that everyone thinks the ps3 started at the same time as the xbox. And NO it did not! Think about it! the xbox had a almost 11 million consols head start! when Ps3 had 0 sold! Its about 6 now! It was less but the 200 bucks a console price is very sweet!
Does anyone realize that the ps3 cost $400 and is still keeping up?

The wii is leading because.. well! 249! and everyone loves the wii controller! even people who buy it and never play it! But lets be honest its essentially a gamecube with a Wiimote! Don't believe me! How many great games does it have that AREN'T made by nintendo! hehe! sound familiar!

Im not saying that the ps3 is going to win or the wii! All i'm saying is lets wait to call this! Everyone thinks its over when it is clearly NOT! I mean we haven't even seen a Final Fantasy game this generation yet! or a Full Zelda game!(twilight doesn't count!, Dev. For Gamecube)
We still have ways to go!

BrunoM3657d ago

Ya WIZE you right like i said is wayyyy to early to call it .. and yes people forget microsoft had a 1 year ahead of the ps3 ..

gave it its time by 2010 we can see it better how these so named "WAR" is gona work out ..

in my view from what microsoft and sony have shown and US the market have shown the ps3 would end up on top . ands why i say that is the fact! that a console that came out one year after and makes us pay 2x more for it is on pair or over in europe over in asia and close a huge gap on north america ..

so ya to early to call it lets wait for let say 2010..

HighDefinition3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Not true.

The PS3 WILL get it`s price down and Bluray WILL succeed, it`s just taken a little longer than expected. This Xmas is going to be all about HDTVs and as sales of HDTVs pick up so will Bluray, so will the PS3. The Wii2 will be out sooner than later, which will probaly cause Nintendo to abandon Wii support. The 360 needs to bring out a new system sooner than later aswell due to technical restrictions and hardware problems. Which leaves the PS3 which will last longer than the Wii and the 360, and currently is showing how much more powerful it is than the 360. What will it`s price be then? How big will Bluray be by then? How many AMAZING 'KZ2 looking' games will be out by then? Like I said it`s taken longer than expected, but Sony did say they had a 10 year plan for the system and to me that doesn`t seem to unrealistic considering the circumstances with 7+ more years left in that plan it will completly outsell and out do, both the Wii and 360.

The Killer3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

its funny to see people changed their mind in 1 month time, that is one month of 360 price cut in effect!!

and i will say it here laud and clear, when the ps3 make its price cut by 100$ u will see the same people make the same articles but in the other direction(ps3 side)!!

people have to stop for once and think of what they write!! YES 360 is cheaper, YES ps3 is still expansive after 2 years of launch(i though they will make the price cut this year), YES the economy didnt help ps3 but instead it helped more the 360 and wii because people want to spend less! but r u people forgetting that ps3 was until the price cut leading in sales over 360 every where in the world from January 2008?? did u forget the big sales it got from MGS4?? and WNC will make another push in japan thats for sure, LBP also did some push, Resistance 2 also is making a push, we cant judge the effect of these games until we get november numbers! ps3 is here to stay for at least 4 years and in these 4 years the gaming industry wont stop at this scenario, ps3 will release they big titles which until now they only release MGS4!! we didnt see GOW3,GT5,TEAM_ICO game,heavy rain, uncharted 2, killzone 2,white knight chronicles,inFamous(not sure if its a big hit or just normal good game),MAG,FF13,FFvs13,HOME etc!! and in those 4 years anything can happen if sony play their cards properly!

u will see, by the end of the year when u see ps3 sold something like 10+ million and 360 8+ million then u will say "oops the ps3 did it again" and anyway i wont defend sony mistakes, the ps3 is still expansive and these strong titles is still not enough to make the majority to buy 400$ console!! also sony is being very greedy on advertising, and thing its biting them back now with slow sales of LBP,R2 and motorstorm:pr!! they need to stop their over confidence and underestimating Mircosoft who is having the big plan to destroy sony in the gaming division and try to compete harder and advertise more and from time to time to secure important 3rd party exclusives!

on the other hand MS and their 360 have much more problems than the ps3,they lack original/new IP's, hardware reliability, brand recognition,their most sales made up in USA,360 already reaching its limits(gears of war 2 was only a little bit better than the first),most 360 games r on 1 DVD which means they r cutting the size and length of the game and try to trick/make up for us by adding the online support,not innovative,not future proof, their only advantage is that its much cheaper now thats it!! even for a normal/average gamer it will cost him/her more than ps3 if he/she wants to include all the features ps3 has!!

BrunoM3657d ago

Killer io Agree with you!

SuperM3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Well said killer. People are so easily affected by recent happenings that they fail to see the big picture. And the big picture tells us that PS3 has sold more then 360 while its been out. Since PS3 launched a year later its not fair to say they are behind. If you persume that the ps3 has the amount of consoles now that they will have in a year from now then the ps3 is ahead. So yea its not a fair comparison, if you do a fair comparison then PS3 is ontop of 360.

There is absolutely nothing that is indicating that the 360 will beat PS3 this gen. It could happen, but its not looking like it will happen. We have seen the sales through the entire year and even in America where PS3 is doing worst it outsold the 360 almost every month until the pricecut. When PS3 cuts price there is nothing indicating anything else then that PS3 will continue to sell more then 360 in America. And trust me, if its selling more in the US then its selling ALOT more in the rest of the world.

Wizeguy213657d ago

tru dat! killer!

The most annoying thing is that these people know absolutely nothing about what they are talking about!

And yet this wont keep them from writing :-(

Mainman3657d ago

Pesonally I think the PS3 will win this generation. I think at the end it will sell even better than the Wii. You guys probably think its impossible for the PS3 to catch up to the Wii now, but I have a feeling the PS3 will catch up. But ofcourse, it might be so that the Wii wins, but not by a large margin though.

All the PS3 needs is a price cut. It will sell even more if it gets to the price point the Wii currently is on right now. When that happens, the PS3 sales will soar and the Wii probably wont be as popular anymore because it will be 'too cheap'.

General consensus between the regular Joe is that the PS3 is most powerfull. This plays a BIG issue for it, makes people want to own one or makes them prefer it over the competition. Plus it has the Playstation brand.

It's the PS3's current price, all it needs is a price cut to beat the 360 and when the PS3 hits the 200 dollar (maybe even less dunno) barrier then it will even start to rival the Wii in sales.

mikeslemonade3657d ago

By future proof it's the blu-ray they are talking about. When PS4 comes out I expect them to have a different kind of storage space. They've changed storage for every system. To only system has stuck with the previous generation is the 360. We are 3 years about halfway through this generation and the 360 already is showing some gimped versions of games because of the disc space.

Doppy3657d ago

I think they will but in a different way. I think they will have everything included through firmware and software, rather than hardware next time around.

incogneato3657d ago

the next playstation doesnt need to be future proof as far as optical media goes because with bluray you can just keep adding layers. all bluray players are capable of playing the new 400gb bluray discs

pain777pas3657d ago

Sony is a technology leader and one of the best or the best name in the business for technology. I believe that they have to take gambles and this was a big one that may payoff in the end. However they will have to rethink about dev tools and get a company like linux to make it easier to develop games on their consoles. I love that they are future proof and you see that they are way ahead of their competitors in this regard. I think that BRs are not being filled for film or games at the moment so they do not have to get any real new tech next gen especially if BR can play those pioneer 400gig discs. Now they have to get cost effective parts. They always get the premium. They have to get the cost of their systems down one way or another while making sure that they have like 2-3gigs of ram next gen 1 for graphics 2 for the CPU and motherboard components. They took a high risk that they needed to take because they will have the advantage of royalties next gen for sure because I believe BR is here to stay.

Sony should stay on course but everyone must learn from Nintendo and think outside the box because Nintendo is back in a big way and if they have a comparable online service and great graphics next gen I don't know what I'm going to do as far as my first console purchase choice.

jaysquared3657d ago

Its funny how every PS3 fans now are giving the excuse of how the the 360 launched first and that's why its in the lead over the PS3. Rewind 2 years ago before the PS3 launch every PS3 fan on this site were just disregarding the lead because the PS2 had launched later than the Dreamcast and still was able to outsell it. Every PS3 fan said that the 360 is going to go the way of the Dreamcast and that in 1 year the PS3 would've already taken the lead over the 360. Whatever happen those predictions? Now PS3 fans are predicting 2009 will be the year the PS3 will take over because Sony will cut the PS3s price. So next year I predict PS3 fans will start saying 2010 will be the year the PS3 takes over.

I can undestand being optimistic about the PS3 but after 2 years in the market and its till getting outsold by the 360 I just dont see the PS3 winning this gen. Theres nothing great about its games there's nothing i'm missing other than the free online play to make me want to get a PS3. I believe the mass market gamer are just going to go where the best value is and where the games are and the 360 is where the games are and the best value. Yes you have to play for live but most casual gamers don't get online to play games. So they will not need wifi, won't need a harddrive and the 256 mb memory card in the 260 will be enough to at least store their gamesaves. So right now the best choice for casual gamers is the 360 once they get sick of their Wii.

GarandShooter3657d ago

'Every PS3 fan said that the 360 is going to go the way of the Dreamcast'

Wow, you've had enough time to talk to every PS3 fan, all 16 million plus, in numerous languages? You are the man.

'Its funny how every PS3 fans now are giving the excuse of how the the 360 launched first and that's why its in the lead over the PS3.'

What was the 360's lead at launch? What is it now? If the PS3 has cut into that lead at all, that means when choice is available, people are choosing the PS3. If not, they're choosing the 360. It's simple, straightforward math and logic. So which is it? During the period both were available, who has sold more? If you care to respond please provide proof. Thanks.

Danja3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

The PS3 has really laid the foundations for the PS4...and all Sony has to do now is just build upon what they have accomplished with the PS3..

and ppl are forgetting that the PS3 has been out for just 2 years now the 360 "3 years"..and is twice as cheap..

The PS3 has eaten into the 360 sales's now down to 5 million difference and when the price drops you bet it will get smaller especially with those EU FF13/Advent Children in Japan next year..

All Sony has to do with the PS4 is just put in a really powerful graphics chip....more RAM...tweak there control plus better motion sensors and w/e..they're gonna do this time around....and all this at a reasonably price....and im all sold...

phosphor1123656d ago

The PS3 being able to last this whole generation and then have to go up against the next XBox and Nintendo consoles without being completely outdated..I think that gives it a lot of merit.

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Timesplitter143657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Depends how you see it. He said it himself : ''The new casual market''. The winning consoles are those who appeal to casuals with games like Guitar Hero and the 16 tons of FPS games we got during the last 2 years.

The PS3 definately doesn't win sales-wise,

but quality-wise... it's still debatable.

I personally think no game of this generation got even close to MGS4, Bioshock, Portal and Fallout 3, and the only console that has all of them is the PS3. PC will be fine too with Starcraft 2 and D3.

I just hope not everyone will make their next consoles ''Wii-clones''. Hardcore gaming must be preserved and I applaud the PS3 and PC for doing that

Gue13657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

You're forgetting about GeoW2, considered by many people one of the best shooters this gen...

Timesplitter143657d ago

Comparing Gears 2 to MGS4 and Bioshock? I don't see any good plot or fresh gameplay ideas in Gears.

But that's just me

Wizeguy213657d ago

agreed! GOW2 is a good game But don't kid yourself!!. . against MGS4?

Timesplitter143657d ago

I want to add that I also support Mario Galaxy, Metroid and Zelda TP. Too bad they're on the Wii though...

The way I see this, it's as if the only way to read Plato's work was to get a 200$ Myspace account.

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BrunoM3657d ago

Ok your right ...

but even the ps3 price is gonna go down we all saw the news about the ZEGO or what ever the name is .. is not a slim ps3 but u got to see it the way it is is smaler chips and so on ..

that in turn will make the ps3 chepear to make and well they will work thingss out the ps2 was alot wen it came out why damn the dvd i remember paying 400 almost 500 for a dvd player only 7 years ago and paid alot for my day one ps2 ...
same goes for the ps3 and its Blue ray Microsoft like it or not didnt go all out with the 360 making it a blue ray player and thats the why they can have a consolethat is less than the wii even and lets not kid our selfs here the 360 wont go down in price any more for some long time and the ps3 still has alot of working space is just the way out industry works ...

and if anything at all i didnt see coming these NEW GEN well 2 things was the wii selling like it did (and even in a smaler way does) and the ps3 selling so much and geting next to the 360 even tho it came out a year after and it makes gamers pay 2 times more for it .. and already on par with the 360 on europe (a.k.a pal more than just europe) or over them their and Asia well thats not new..

north america is the only thing that is keeping the 360 were it is and like we all know us north americans will buy anything as soon as we can so ya alot of ps3 are left to be sould ..

o ya another thing i didnt really see it coming was the 360 sales jump in japan even if not evne at 1 mil in japan wow not badthey wont go over 2 mil for life time in japan but not bad...

so ya like i said in 2010 we will see how these "WAR" is gona work out ..

Until then THEM im gona play every game i like for the PS3 or the Wii or even the 360 ..


I agree with this article.I know sony will still make up all the money it lost but it will not win this gen and thats the truth.

Gue13657d ago

That's not the true, that's your opinion. Both things are quite different. Or are you some kind of god that predicts the future?

BrunoM3657d ago

Wont say your wrong GET HIGH but like i said what are we talking about wen we say these gen are we tlking about the Wii because if so then id say u are about 80% right and if its about the 360 then none of us can say ...

sony is on pair with them in PAL area and well over in asia so all its left is north america so we never know like i said lets gave it time and se what hapens right .. ?

Wizeguy213657d ago

wii is kicking ass! But and yes it seems impossible! but lets wait till the fat lady sings here!

We are still not even a third of the way in these consoles life span!

ultimolu3657d ago

Sony has made several mistakes this generation. They may not win it and I can only hope they learn their lesson with the PS4 if it does come out.

ultimolu3657d ago

For the person (or people) who disagreed, even as a PS3 owner, you can't deny that Sony has made a sh*tload of mistakes. They really screwed up, and I can only hope they make up for it next year.

I still adore my PS3 though.

cmrbe3657d ago

The only mistake Sony made is fire Crazy Ken.

ultimolu3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

1. That price was way too high last year. I bought the PS3 because the 360 was unreliable but if it was just as reliable as the PS3, I would have bought that first and get the PS3 later.

2. Very few games at launch. Seriously, yeah. :/

3. PSN sucked. Now it's ten times better.

But Sony has come a LONG way. They're going to kick some major ass next year.

cmrbe3657d ago

1. The price of the PS3 is due to the tech inside. If you are saying that the initial price was a mistake then you indirectly also mean that including blu ray, HDMI 1.3, Standard HD, WIFI was also a mistake. There is no two way about it. Either Sony release a console like the x360 at 300-400 or release the PS3 as is at the price they did.

2. The PS3 launch games were the best of any PS console. Look it up if you don't believe me.

3. PSN is new and free. PSN is functional and mostly lag free. PSN is Sony's first serious foreray into online gaming and yet they have managed to compete with xboxlive which was around since xbox which also by the way is a paid service. I don't see how Sony made a mistake with PSN.

Sony won two console wars in a row by huge margins. They know alot more about the console industry than most of you people think. I for one have followed how Sony managed to dominate the console market since the PS1 era and i tell you. This is exactly Sony's strategy since the PS1 era.

ultimolu3657d ago

1. I understand that part but Sony's arrogance got the better of them.

2. That's true, not denying that.

3. Yeah, I know it's new but it did suck last year. :/

Yeah, I'm starting to see that. Let's just see what they do for next year and hopefully the rest of this year.

PotNoodle3656d ago

PSN was also around since the PS2.

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