Days Gone actor says fans should ‘buy the game on PC’ if they want Days Gone 2

Sony reportedly didn't greenlight Days Gone 2, but Deacon St. John actor Sam Witwer says that fans who want the sequel should "buy the [first] game on PC" because "nothing talks more than sales."

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-Foxtrot675d ago

I want a sequel

I just don’t want that pitch with online stuff they tried to win over Sony with

Like I loved the game for what it was but if you know people had some issues with the game as it was, a single player focused experience why on Earth would you shove in multiplayer, co-op, a shared universe etc

You’d want to focus on fixing and making the single player the best it can be before doing online stuff and becoming too ambitious.

It’s not easy adding online things, especially co-op like what some people believe.

Vegamyster675d ago

Far Cry and Dying Light show a game like this would be great with co-op, most of the issues i've heard about this game at launch are mainly technical which is probably a result of the PS4 not being about to handle everything and stuff like length or gathering gas being annoying ect. I can't speak about everything in the game so far since i'm playing it on PC for the first time but i love what's here so far, assuming a bunch of bugs don't start popping up later i don't really know what other issues your talking about.

-Foxtrot675d ago

Yeah but the thing is Dying Light did pretty well first time round and they set out with that stuff in mind, same goes for Far Cry

This game, while good to me, had SOME issues and I think they should focus on getting those issues solved and working on the criticism before focusing on silly shit which could backfire on them.

You have fans which loved the single player focused approach, why start doing online stuff, not nailing down the single player stuff and bring in the possibly of half arsing both things.

I just don't see why they would risk it, there's a time and a place, this isn't one of them.

Now if they did an expansion later down the road which introduced something like a horde mode up to 4 players and you have like 3-6 maps where you have time to grab supplies, change the map to channel the horde into an area you want and laying traps, then sure by all means go for it.

RCslayer675d ago

Enough with the co-op garbage. Let there just be a single-player game for once.

Vegamyster675d ago

I'm not talking about the half baked Far Cry 3 Co-op campaign, more what they did in Far Cry 4 and beyond, same with Dying Light. I was thinking of just being able to play the exact same content on the same map rather than having a separate side mode, riding around the map taking out camps/nests or the odd mission ect.


Co-op is in hardly any games anymore nor am i actually demanding it, just pointing out that some of the things i said in the comment above would be fun with friends, just a simple option that doesn't actually affect the single player portion of the game.

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Knightofelemia675d ago

I want a sequel I like Sam Witwer as an actor I love the first game

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LegoIsAwesome675d ago

I've heard some rumor that the purpose of these PC ports is to fund the future sequel of the games, well goodluck with that since majority of PC gamers just pirates them.

Shiore2u675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

The problem is console gamers simply aren't buying enough to satisfy Microsoft and Sony. So they're going where the money is. The last decade has been too much for either to ignore.

Thundercat77675d ago

I played the game for the first time on PS5 and it was super amazing. I was hooked from start to finish. I would love a sequel.

Soy675d ago

Same - it was in my backlog until I got my PS5, and I loved it FAR more than I expected. It's not perfect, but what it does well, it really does well.

cd1675d ago

I also enjoyed it far more than I thought I would and was so happy to see it be added to the PS+ collection (with a 60fps update for PS5 too), the only thing I couldn't really get into was taking on the hoards.

ABizzel1675d ago

I disagree with this. Fans would have already bought it on PS, and considering the sales, it has enough of an audience and fan reception to have a sequel on its own.

The benefit of putting these games on PC, is that it basically funds the entire development of a sequel so in that regard I understand what he's saying, but 500K - 1 million sales on PC is $30m - $60m gross, which can cover the budget of a sequel, so I understand why Sony is putting games on PC, as they can pocket the PS5 / PS4 sales as pure revenue, and have PC games basically fund a sequel. It's a good business move, but PC sales should not determine if a sequel is made or not.

Redemption-64675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

It might have sold well, but it clearly didn't meet Sony's expectations, it more than likely didn't make enough for Sony to want to invest in a sequel. Let's also not forget it had a lot of trouble during development

Seraphim675d ago

if it didn't meet their expectations then they're setting the bar far too high. You can't expect every new IP to sell like Ghosts or Horizon. Long as any new IP garners enough sales and is not only profitable but enjoyed by gamers then nothing else should matter.... Fook the Metacritic and other BS sources to determine success & don't set sales expectations at 10+ million first month for every title.

Having said that. I do agree with Sony not green lighting the supposedly proposed multiplayer sequel. All Bend Studios needs to do is hammer it out a more interesting and better story along with ensuring the pacing/progression is good. Then improve upon the groundwork that was laid.

andy85675d ago

It didn't meet their expectations because they rushed a buggy game out. Most of the reviews mentioned the bugs and it absolutely will have put people off. If they put out a polished product they would have sold more. Now the game is a fantastic experience and a must play in my opinion. But that doesn't equate to $ because everyone can pick it up used

ABizzel1675d ago


Agree 100%. +10 million is an unreasonable expectation for every game, especially when it's a developer's first AAA game in ages or ever (for example Returnal should not be expected to sell +10 million). Some games are perfectly fine doing 2m - 5m, just ensure that the sequel fits within the budget for a game expected to sell in that range.

The groundwork has been laid, just improve upon the game, and I agree as well with canceling the multiplayer sequel as there was still plenty of work that needed to be done to iron out what they started with the original. If anything make an add-on multiplayer like Ghost of Tsushima did later or make it co-op.

There's no reason games with 2 - 5 million in sales cannot have their budget re-evaluated and have a sequel made.

Redemption-64675d ago

You better set the bar high if you have spent a huge amount of money on a project. I highly highly doubt Sony expects every new IP to sell like GOT or Horizon. I highly doubt they had such level of expectations for a game like Dreams or returnal. But if you are running a business and spend a huge amount of money, possibly hundreds of millions of dollars, on a single project, you better hope you make enough to cover the cost and warrant a sequel

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shaenoide675d ago

What prevent me from buying is the game being a buggy mess.

JeffGUNZ675d ago

They patched the PS version and the PC is freaking great. Played it last night and absolutely love it.

Dark_Overlord674d ago (Edited 674d ago )

Yes they patched it (which is great) but why do most games release in a 'broken' (to varying degrees) state? It reminds me of that article a few weeks back about Days Gone too, where he said to buy it for full price if you want a sequel. I'll buy it full price when the game works out of the box beginning to end without requiring huge patches.

JeffGUNZ674d ago

@ Dark_Overlord

I totally agree, I grew up gaming without the possibilities for upgrades. I was so bummed when I played Cyberpunk day 1 on what a mess it was. Luckily I have a solid gaming pc so it was playable, but man, what a mess overall that was.

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