Where To Find And Use The Sun And Moon Ball In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village has four labyrinth puzzles, but you'll need to find a special item before you can solve them.

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Mikeyy72d ago

We needed a guide for this? All the balls are found in the same area of the map as their respective puzzles...

giovonni72d ago

Thank you for that. Cause I didn’t really know where to find them, and I put it off thinking I can get back to certain areas.

CrimsonWing6972d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I literally was just coming here to say that. I mean it'd be one thing if this was for every ball and puzzle solution, but just one... and an easy one to find at that? There's this thing called YouTube as well.

Is this site going to post an article for each individual ball or puzzle solution. I'm scared to even think if they'll do just an article for a single treasure item location or where to use the well-wheel.