The Ascent Hands-On Preview: A Dash of Diablo With a Healthy Dose of Twin-Stick Shooter - IGN

This action-RPG has got the cyberpunk look and feel down pat.

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iplay1up234d ago (Edited 34d ago )

This is one I am on the fence about. I am glad it is coming to Game Pass. I can at least check it out. The gameplay looks fun.

iplay1up234d ago

I loved Diablo 3. I like twin sticks. So I hope you're right!🙂

silkylove34d ago

It looks great. Can't believe it was made by a 12 person team.

TheRacingX34d ago

Love Cyberpunk, Love Twin Stick Shooters, Love Diablo .....ding....thats the trifecta....I'm in