The Ascent detailed and dated for release in July on Xbox, Game Pass and PC

Neil writes: "It's been just over a year since we first heard that The Ascent was coming to Xbox and PC. Finally though the highly anticipated cyberpunking action shooting RPG has been detailed and dated, with a July launch set. And yep, we'll be playing this through Xbox Game Pass!"

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DJStotty202d ago

Another Gamepass gem, the value is beginning to get insane!!!

TheRealTedCruz202d ago

Dude! This is N4G ... you need to say this is a garbage game that the devs have no faith in so they threw it on Gamepass for a few bucks.

Really though, this game looks legit. Getting it through gamepass is pretty cool.

TheGreatGazoo30202d ago


You forgot to add "Xbox has no games."

This one slipped past my radar. I'm really looking forward to Mechwarrior. Crossfire X, and Stalker 2, and going to have to add this to the list. Looks great. Plus will fill that Cyberpunk hole until CDPR releases their next-Gen upgrade.

SlothLordPootus202d ago

Nah, the game looks cool. Very reminiscent of older Housemarque games. If you're into these types and ever get a PS, try some of them out, they're great.

DJStotty202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Or even throw into the mix something about Series S holding games back /s

Funny thing is that "gamepass filler" argument is slowly becoming non existent, and we still have Starfield, Elder Scrolls 6 and more coming to gamepass Day dot!!!

I like these types of games, co-op as well!!! I used to play Loaded and re-loaded back in the day lol

TheRealTedCruz202d ago


The last 3 consoles I've bought were the PS3, a PS4 Pro, and the PS5.
I've played a good amount of their catalogue either on PC, or the system.
Some of their past works may resemble this in aesthetic, and some mechanics. But Housemarque always focuses on arcadey, gameplay focused titles.
They've never made an RPG in any traditional sense. They typically find one gameplay loop and focus their games around it.
Essentially they develop highly focused, simple, but complex in the gameplay sorts of experiences.
That's not exactly what this is.

SlothLordPootus202d ago

@TheRealTedCruz I guess from the trailers I've seen of this, it has looked very similar. I haven't looked in depth into it. I get Dead Nation mixed with Alienation vibes.

TheRealTedCruz202d ago


At the end of the day, games are games. Everyone takes inspiration from those before, and that could very well be the case here, in some respects.
I've loved a lot of Housemarque's works. I'm hoping I love the Ascent as well.

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waverider202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

PR talk dude... And this time the s isnt holding back because this pc game looks like from last gen and runs without problems on the xbox one....

TheRealTedCruz202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

And? Not every game has hundreds of millions of dollars to help bring itself to market.
This is a 10 man team's first project. Albeit industry vets with a good history in development.
Looks pretty damn good to me, and I'm more excited for it than a lot of the giant "AAA" releases we know are coming down the pipeline.

And as for running on Xbox One, could that just be good optimization? Xbox One is pretty weak hardware, and I still feel this game has nice visuals. They're not the best in the business, but it's still a good looking game. So if it runs well on low end hardware, maybe it's more the talent of the team, rather than the dismissal of the game you're trying to make it.
Not every PC game is trying to be Crysis 2.0. You expect a whole lot out of a small team working on an indie project, in order to approve of their worth.

DJStotty202d ago

Hi waverider,

Welcome to the xbox comments thread :p

annoyedgamer202d ago

Gamepass sucks. Its a subscription service that will destroy the industry once it gets adopted by the major players.

TheRealTedCruz202d ago

People don't have agency over themselves? These services only get popular because people opt in to them.
They obviously find value in them.

RazzerRedux202d ago

This is one I'm looking forward to. Love the cyberpunk look with Diablo-esque gameplay.

bleedsoe9mm202d ago

Game looks fantastic nice addition to GamePass

Aussiesummer202d ago

The first xsx exclusive I'm actually excited about, really looking forward to this, finally I can brush of the dust and start playing my series x.

StoneyYoshi202d ago

Its not a XSX exclusive. Its on POC and on the XB one... Its just an Xbox platform timed exclusive. Just wanted to clarify.

Aussiesummer199d ago

No you wanted to be that person.