Subnautica Below Zero Runs at 1872p On PS5, Native 4K On XSX and 900p On Series S

Subnautica Below Zero is the sequel to the first game that has been released on the last and current-generation consoles. Here's how it runs on current-gen.

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SullysCigar132d ago

I'm betting it will also run on PSVR2 next year (along with the first game) and that's when I'll play it!

SullysCigar132d ago

Anyone disagreeing care to bet against? Lol

Also, this is just another cross gen game essentially upscaled for next gen, but I guess we're still desperately beating that "OMG there's a difference!" horse..

DJStotty132d ago

There is a difference, PS5 can not run it in Native 4K

Gaming4Life1981132d ago

So native 4k vs non 4k holds no difference? But last gen on base ps4 ps fans were touting resolution was the killer of xbox

SinisterKieran132d ago

And then Xbox fans were doing the exact same thing when Xbox one x released. It’ll always happen but people don’t release it’s probably less then 10% of the player base that actually cares

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RaiderNation132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

"So native 4k vs non 4k holds no difference?"

Not if you can't SEE that difference. Think about how moronic this whole argument is. We only have knowledge of this difference because they tell us. If no one said anything, no one would know or could tell that there even IS a difference. Side by side, both versions are so identical it's a big nothing burger. Yet fanboys want to carry on like it's the PS3/360 days where the differences were obvious. We are way past that now. This is only important to those who are either desperately seeking ammo to hurl at fans of the competing console or those who are on the high end of the OCD/anal retentive spectrum.

Army_of_Darkness132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Resolution results will vary depending on the developer... And considering this is an indie 3rd party title, there's nothing to really argue or brag about here. So Everyone just chill and have a pizza!

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Sayai jin132d ago

What does this article have to do with PSVR? There is a difference. Most games there will be a difference. They will be very small, bit still exist. Some will fair better for PS5 and others for the Xbox Series X. So it aounds lie you are beating the "it's a cross gen title" horse.

It's 2021, 9 gen, and the beastly PS5 is more than capable of running these games at 4k. So why not... Sony is lacking when it comes to BC. This gen will be full of remasters and if they do not improve on BC games, they will lag behind.

tombfan132d ago

mmmmmmm there WAS an apparent difference between 1080 and 1440p but after that it's not that noticeable, maybe having a 4k TV of 85" makes a far easier way to spot differences tho...

Orchard132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

@SullysCigar "I'd say the biggest difference is that Xbox series XS can't run it in VR."

Neither can the PS5? There is no VR headset for the PS5 today, nor is there a VR version of this game.

Also the vast majority of consumers/gamers are not playing on VR, so it is irrelevant for the majority, where as the performance when running the game in 'normal mode' is the experience which 99.999% of gamers will see.

Christopher131d ago

***This gen will be full of remasters and if they do not improve on BC games, they will lag behind.***

This statement is not saying what you think it is saying. Also, BC loses importance the more games are made for the specific console.

agnosticgamer131d ago

If this is simply a "Cross Gen" game... Upscaled for next gen... Why can't PS5 run it at 4K?

dcbronco131d ago


What makes you think that the Series X can't play this game at 4k in VR. Xbox doesn't have a VR headset but it's more than capable of handling one. The X may already be playing games at 4k but it still has plenty of power left because many of the features that maximize its architecture haven't been used yet. Once they start using variable rate shading and Direct ML along with other things we'll see that only 40% of the power has been used. A lot of that applies to the ps5 also. It just uses different methods that may not be as effective but may be more in some cases. I would bet they're only using 50-60% of the ps5 power.

anubusgold131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

@agnosticgamer Because it was on pc first so it has a higher range of resolutions i dont even think consoles can do ultra widescreen yet.

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Atom666132d ago

I'll take your bet.

I disagreed because I expect the devs to be moving on and focusing on other things. Below Zero is only getting VR right now because of mods. The original Subnautica skipped PSVR because of performance issues.

From the devs if you're curious:

“Sadly we don’t think we’ll be able to do VR justice. Not because we don’t love VR (we do) or all own multiple headsets (we do)….We wanted to do a better job with SN1 but time and availability of people was difficult. We just don’t want people having a bad experience in VR for Below Zero, so we’re likely not doing it unless we can find the time. Making the game itself is the top priority.”

So yeah. Bet.

SullysCigar132d ago

Thanks for not being a dick about it, I can totally see your logic.

I remember them giving up on Subnautica VR on PS4. Can't be easy to process the image twice on 1.7tf at the best of times, but it worked quite well on PC I thought. So there's hope for this gen and I'm clinging to it. Sod all the VR haters lol

septemberindecember131d ago


Props for explaining why you disagree and not just hitting the button. Seriously, that doesn't happen often enough around here.

IcedOmega13132d ago

They aren't even supporting vr on the PC version of Below zero at this point.

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Orchard132d ago

"Im waiting on a version of the game which has not been announced, nor rumored - and the developer has actually spoken out against historically"

Why not just play it today and enjoy it for the game it is? If you're going to wait on PSVR versions of every game, you're going to miss out on a LOT of good games because most games do not come to PSVR.

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Locutus_of_borg132d ago

Why do the red flowers disappear on both the quality and performance modes on Ps5 , the section after the load times... i can only assume it will be patched to work eventually..

Highrevz132d ago

I’m sure it will be patched at some point.
There’s not as many issues compared to the first game but still some room for polish.

Gardenia132d ago

This is BC I assume, not a real next gen patch. Because the loading times are 40+ seconds so the SSD is not being used.

wiz7191132d ago

@Gardenia It’s not the SSD, Subnautica is just one of those games that notoriously takes a century and a half to load.

DOMination-132d ago

13% more pixels on XSX, that's quite a big gap and this is just an indie game.

Applejack132d ago

That may be the case but this game isn’t exactly a benchmark for the current gen consoles.

InUrFoxHole132d ago

Must be the series S holding back the PS5...

SullysCigar132d ago

^ the series S is a ball and chain on the generation. Well, until they drop support at least.

TheRealTedCruz132d ago


That was a legitimately great response.

Master of Unlocking132d ago

That's not even 300 less vertical pixels less on the PS5, 288 exactly. Cry me a river...
I wonder why the horizontal resolution is never mentioned every time in reports like this though. I guess it means it's because it's actual 3860 pixels, but who knows.

FyBy132d ago

its on par with xsx vs ps5 performance gap. and this is not in any means big gap. its almost smallest gap for concurrent consoles in consoles history. it didnt mean anything anytime. so....whats the point of your comment?

NeoGamer232132d ago

This issue is situational.

First, there is the quality of the TVs. I have seen HD TVs look better then 4K TVs in some cases because their processors are really good for rendering the images. Really look at how some TVs render the different shades of black.

Second, there is the human eye. If the TV is less then 43", and you are sitting 10 feet from it, there is no way you will see the difference. But, the bigger the TV, the more you will be able to see the difference.

Third 13% is a law of diminishing returns on 4K. when we saw games at 480p goto 1080p it was "Wow, that is amazing". Now with everything around the 4K range it is more, "I can feel a difference but I don't necessarily see a difference".

Honestly, anyone picking apart each console at this point is really just supporting fanboyism. Now comparing Switch and XSS to PS5 and XSX. Now those are legitimate comparisons that can help gamers make the right decision on what console they should buy or buy a game on. But PS5 vs XSS is just being nit picky.

Babadook7132d ago

That is the gap that you should expect for BC titles; patched to use 100% of the GPU on XSX, and not similarly patched to use PS5's extra cores. Current gen games are a different story with PS5 typically having an advantage.

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Atticus_finch131d ago

Its because of the legacy code of last gen consoles. Otherwise there would not be a difference.

DarthMarvin131d ago

The XSX is also 20% (50% for digital only PS5) more expensive.

BrettAwesome131d ago

Smallest delta ever. Just sayin'.

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Hawk198666132d ago ShowReplies(7)
wolf581132d ago

After the amd's dlss solution all this talk will be irrelevant...after all we all know that if developers want to bring out true next gen graphics like rachet clank and above...then of course both ps5 and xbxsx must forget 4k ll only be achivied with the dlss solution...but thats better for all...far better graphics and games will look exacly like 4k native..look nioh coll on digital foundry pc testing with dlss on and off..they say is looking better even from 4k native..
So bottom line...prepare for big leap in graphics..and thats why many games pushed back

Orchard132d ago

The problem with that is, DLSS doesn't magically make the gap in hardware disappear. If you have two games running at 1440p w/ DLSS up to 4K, developers will just have extra resources to make the XSX version prettier due to not having to hit native 4K.

Whether they choose to use those resources or just settle for parity, is a different story.

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