Epic-Apple Trial Hangs Over Some 50,000 Games on App Store

About 47,600 games are featured on Apple Inc.’s App Store under the same “freemium” model used by Fortnite, according to court testimony from a senior executive at the iPhone maker, signaling that the outcome of a lawsuit brought by Epic Games Inc. could have broad ramifications for other game developers.

Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow and former senior vice president of worldwide marketing, disclosed Monday that 17% of the 280,000 games on the App Store are classified as freemium, meaning the games are free to download but include in-app paid upgrades. That’s the category of game Fortnite is in. The ongoing trial stems from Apple’s removal of Fortnite from the App Store after Epic tried to replace Apple’s in-app-purchase system -- which takes a cut up to 30% -- with its own in-house payment solution.

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neomahi123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

This is so stupid. I honestly cannot believe this is 1) something thats actually going on in a court room with all other things in this country going on right now with parents butchering their kids, wrapping them in plastic bags, and burying them in their back yard. 2) That people are actually covering this in the media, as though anyone actually cares and theres some new article about it every day. 3) That anyone actually takes any of this seriously. I mean, honestly, who cares? Its Apples service, they make the rules and they get to run it however they see fit, regardless of who they do business with. Unless youve paid them money for services they didnt live up to and basically stole money from you or cheated you out of money, then WHO CARES! QUIT WASTING THE COURTS TIME! THERE'S MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN SOCIETY GOING ON RIGHT NOW PEOPLE ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT!

Its the absence of Papa Bear. When Steve Jobs was around, things at Apple GOT DONE! This wouldnt be happening if Jobs were still around, he wouldnt even bother with it and wouldnt let it consume his time, I mean, he wouldnt have allowed it to have happened in the first place, and thus wouldnt have had to deal with it, but thats because he had a strong personality and was a leader that gave his crew clear defined directions.

Stanjara123d ago

Money, huge amount of money.