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GfK Entertainment offers insight into how well Village's launch stands up to its forebears.

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iplay1up234d ago

Resident Evil 6 was awful!

njitram200034d ago

At least that giraffe got some action too.

thesoftware73034d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I still play RE5 Mercenary mode with my brother.

5 merc mode is so damn fun and challenging..we been got SS on all maps but we still go for the 150 combo. RE:Revelation tried to add some stuff to the mode but felt to much like a indie game..not as solid as 5.

I wish they would bring multiplayer Merc back, Single player Merc mode is nowhere near as fun.

Wintersun61633d ago (Edited 33d ago )

For me Resident Evil is one of those games that never needed any sort of MP at all. I hope the most effort always goes to making as good single player games as they can. Of course I understand if they have enough manpower to develop some MP in the side, it's nothing taken away from me. Regardless there are a lot of games that should just leave the MP side alone. I know I'm biased and sound like a "me me me" douche, because I dislike interacting with other people within games. (aside from SoulsBorne message system)

Regardless I'm still angry about them skipping the clock tower and park areas in R3make, among other things. Instead they did make a 4v1 MP mode alongside the game, which absolutely not a single soul on this planet asked for or wanted. How many horrible asymmetrical MP games do we need to prove that nobody wants to play them? L4D was ok I guess but that was just because of the novelty of a new idea at the time.


-Foxtrot34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Lol. I don't get the sales, Resident Evil 5 was literally the game which started the change within Resident Evil to action.

People always bitch about Resident Evil 4 but forgetting that it blended action and horror pretty well, a game where the small criticism of needing a little bit more horror could have easily been applied in Resident Evil 5 but they just ignored that and did the opposite. Pretty much ramping up the things we didn't like about Resident Evil 4 while the things people did like they changed, such as having the overall structure become little missions rather than a on going flow you just progressed to in the next area, something you could back track or having the merchant at the end of the level once you've completed it rather than within the actual level for you to find.

Then they added co-op which was just a stupid decision, yeah sure it's great for two friends playing a co-op game but it was a shit Resident Evil game for it and especially a horror game. It totally sucks the fear out of the game when your forced AI partner locks on, shoots and yells at something just as it enters the screen, so by then you are alerted and know where they are.

If they just stuck with their original ideas before co-op and did the things they cut you can read about in the Resident Evil 4.5 articles, it would have been a fantastic Resident Evil game.

Oh and the real slap to the face was having this be Weskers final game but developing the final act against him with Chris and Sheva, no Jill, no Barry, no Rebecca but Sheva, a character with no development with him. It should have been a STARS focused game.

CrimsonWing6934d ago

I like RE5 better than RE4, if I’m being honest. Also, RE4 was way more goofier than RE5. I don’t really understand why RE4 gets so much of a pass but RE5 doesn’t… well, maybe the sales speak louder than words.

-Foxtrot34d ago

Maybe it gets a pass because they did more things right with the game than wrong.

Oh and RE4 was more goofier than RE4? Really?

Uroboros, some of the puzzles and Chris punching and point

CrimsonWing6934d ago (Edited 34d ago )

More right than they did wrong? Please explain. As far as I can tell they incorporated many things from RE4. I mean you got a chainsaw sack head dude, you got bugs that quasi turn invisible, big dudes wielding Gatling guns that wear berets. There’s even similar gameplay sequences you do in both games.

RE4 goofiness exceeds Uroboros, “some puzzles”, and Chris punching boulders.

You got an annoying person to babysit constantly, a giant mechanical machine chasing you down, Leon not taking anything seriously throughout the story, Johnny Depp cosplayer that’s whimsical… case and point. Also, how are the RE5 puzzles any worse than RE4’s? Can you give me examples and comparisons?

DOMination-34d ago

Re: the sales, I simply think it was a case that RE4 was very successful and RE5 got natural hype from being the next game in the series. It was also on next-gen and was one of the first games to really pack a punch. I remember having a PS mag before PS3 released and it was dedicated to next gen games. RE5 and Assassins Creed were the two that I still remember fondly as they looked like such a major step up.

Nerdmaster33d ago

I also thought RE5 sales were just because of RE4 success, however RE6 also sold like crazy (although a little less than 5, it seems), so I guess people did like RE5...
Looking at a sales perspective, I guess it would make sense for Capcom to follow the trend of non-horror, action-heavy, co-op shooter RE. I'm glad the risk they took to go back to single player less action-heavy gameplay in 7, 8, and 2 remake were successful, showing them not every game needs to be a Call of Duty clone to sell well.

Nerdmaster34d ago

To be fair, the thought of keeping Sheva alive and still needing to give her ammo for her to protect herself but praying for her to not waste ammo, still gives me nightmares. That's one kind of horror, I guess.

TheHan34d ago

Theirs a few good exceptions, some are better for MP and others better for their experience. Resident Evil: Outbreak, RE5, RE6, RE7:Biohazard, RE8:Village Which is very good. Many others like the Remakes are good. But I was just mentioning unique and Story progressive ones which changes up the Gameplay.

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