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COG writes: Days Gone is finally on PC! The open-world zombie survival game faced plenty of bugs and technical limitations on the PlayStation 4, but does the PC port manage to fix these problems to help it unlock its full potential?

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garos8237d ago

this is in no way shape or form "perfectly average"

SyntheticForm37d ago

"There are honestly only so many bases I can clear of raiders, scraps to scrounge, things to craft, treasures to check off on the long list before I feel like it is all meaningless. I also think this feeling is especially exacerbated because I’ve played all these other great open-world games in the past with the exact same side missions."

That's a legitimate feeling.

I personally felt the game had great visuals and a good story with a certain character revelation pushing that story just beyond serviceable and into 'good' territory.

Hordes were fun, but scrounging is scrounging, all the burnable nests are the same, as are all the outposts with the bunker-with-a-ladder layout. It's a checklist with a beautiful world and some occasionally fun hordes, but even those wore out their welcome for me.

The characters were generic and I wanted to punch Skizzo not because he was a bad guy, but because he was a 'bad' bad guy.

Good game, but I really don't get all the praise.

garos8237d ago

there is no need to do all the nests , side missions and all that if you feel like its "tiring". The gameplay loop was more than adequately fun for me and kept me going trying to do it all. you contradict yourself , you say "good game but i really dont get the praise" . It most certainly is a good game and thats why it gets praise not "perfectly average".

hordes werent just fun. there is nothing like them in the market in any open world game and they were damn fun, exhilarating and pretty bad ass gameplay loop dealing with them.

so i dont buy this nonsensical clickbait title , clearly the reviewer doesnt know what he is talking about

SyntheticForm37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


"You contradict yourself"

I think the game is good but gets more praise than it deserves. I explained that well enough.

"so i dont buy this nonsensical clickbait title , clearly the reviewer doesnt know what he is talking about It most certainly is a good game and thats why it gets praise not "perfectly average".

Your opinion versus his - nothing more.

Knushwood Butt37d ago

If you wanted to punch Skizzo, then it's job well done.

If you've ever had to deal with brown nosing, back stabbing losers in real life you'll be tempted to throw in a kick for good measure too.

mkis00737d ago

How do these people even have fun playing this genre if this is average?

LordoftheCritics37d ago

Depends on the execution within that genre?

mkis00737d ago

If this game is average, it's a pretty high personal bar frankly.

LucasRuinedChildhood37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

You know, this comment doesn't actually make any sense. If someone says that a game is average that implies that they believe that a significant amount of games are also better (and worse) than it, not that they think it's a 3/10 or that they didn't have any fun with it.

75/100 is a fair score. There's far better open world games out there (Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, Red Dead , The Witcher 3, Spiderman, MGS5, etc). Are you comparing it to Watch_Dogs: Legion or what? It's hard to think of an open world game that I enjoyed less than the first 10-12 hours (not particularly fun) of Days Gone as well.

I've never seen a fan of Days Gone respond in good faith to detailed criticisms of the game even when they're directly responding to a review ... and it's been 2 years.

"The Good: Amazing Voice Acting, Beautifully Realized Open-world, Interesting Gunplay"
"The Bad: Nothing Unique, Clumsy Storytelling, Full of Busy Work"
Score: "75/100"

There's a first time for everything.

Pricey37d ago

Ah the review scale. Stop complaining when reviewers give out 7s they say. It means its a good game they say. And here we are calling 7.5 average. Nothing todo with the game itself i just think scores don't mean much when comparing between outlets.

CrimsonWing6937d ago

I feel like when you see 7’s and 6’s it’s more like they’re saying the game is just ok, which to me feels like they’re saying it’s average no matter how people spin the grading scale. You see 5’s and below and it’s basically degrees of how bad they are.

JeffGUNZ37d ago

The problem I have with this review is it sounds like the reviewer is just tired of open world games haha. I never played this game on PS, but it really looks awesome. Preloaded it this weekend and can't wait.

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FyBy37d ago

It seems this game will transfer its underdog status from ps4 to pc. I understand that some people dont like this game, but I absolutely loved it. Way above mainstream open world games like FC, AC or WD. And for me on par with HZD and GOW. HZD, GOW and DG are only open world games, which I played consistently from begining to end. But it seems gamers community is much more polarized then in case of HZD and GOW.

JeffGUNZ37d ago

Good to hear, I preloaded it on steam and will be playing tonight after work. Can't wait!

curtain_swoosh37d ago

"i understand that some people dont like this game, but i absolutely loved it, way above mainstream".

yes. for you personally. at this point, there has to be a reason why the game is not liked or seen as "way above mainstream", you know?

FyBy36d ago

Of course. But there are lot of people like me. See petition for days gone 2. But I understand. Simply it isnt so much mainstream. Thats life. I only wrote what I see in this game. Its ok, that it is not opinion of majority of people.

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