Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - review - STACK

In 'Mass Effect: Legendary Edition', BioWare’s acclaimed space epic RPG trilogy gets a major boost to its graphics as it heads to current consoles, and is still as much of a must-play as ever.

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iplay1up226d ago

Having a blast with this. Unfortunately I started with Mass effect 3, when it came out on Wii U. I have to say, the Gamepad was FANTASTIC with ME3.

I tried playing ME1, through EA play, but it was too dated. Now it is so much better. It feels up to date. Glad I picked this up for my Series X! Honestly, I kind of miss the Wii U gamepad though, it worked better than people gave it credit for. Anyone who has played WindWaker, on Wii U knows how great the Game pad was.