Gamestyle Review: Need for Speed: Undercover

Gamestyle writes: "The Need For Speed series has never stood still, always changing, evolving and experimenting, often with mixed results. In Need For Speed Undercover, we have the gaming equivalent of Quantum of Solace. A video game set to confuse and disappoint many, but one that may discover a new audience.

Too often the series has become bogged down with a storyline and trying to fit that dynamic into a racing experience. Yes, Undercover does include a plot of sorts, but it has been watered down to the level of Fast and Furious, where it becomes insignificant. The cars, chases and ensuing action are the real stars, and in Undercover they've been pushed to the forefront. From the off you're being pursued by the police, such an initial twist almost caught Gamestyle out, as we were waiting for the opening monologue!"

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