Why You Should Replay Mass Effect Legendary Edition

From Xfire: "The original Mass Effect trilogy saw millions of gamers spend dozens if not hundreds of hours through an adventure that spanned six years, three titles, and more than 40 DLCs. However, now that a remastered version of the original trilogy is available, the question on everyone's mind is, is it worth replaying the trilogy in 2021?"

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Aquafiniac26d ago

Because it’s dope.
I literally played the trilogy on game pass not so long ago and now replaying it again on Xbox series and
The difference is night and day. Combat is so much better now imo for mass effect 1.
Can’t wait to play ME4.

giovonni25d ago

I throughly enjoyed it on Xbox as well. I just wish they put that energy into making a brand new one. Andromeda left a lot to be desired. The game wasn’t bad, but come on now, lol. I’ll get it for Nostalgia sake though.

Darkwatchman25d ago

They ARE making a new Mass Effect. The remaster was not done by the entirety of BioWare. It was a smaller team that worked over we don’t know how long but this remaster has not interfered with another Mass Effect. It’s happening. I’m happy we got Legendary Edition. Improved assets at 4K 60fps makes it so much better

JeffGUNZ24d ago

Going to pick this up on PC soon. I went with Days Gone PC instead as I haven't played this game yet. Loving it. Beat ME way too many times, but eager to see the difference from Xbox One to my Gaming rig.