WB Games Studios Splitting Ownership After WarnerMedia & Discovery Merger

WB Games' studios are shuffling ownership due to the WarnerMedia & Discovery merger, with some staying with parent company AT&T & some going to Discovery Inc.

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Orchard26d ago

How long before Discovery sells off the gaming division to Microsoft...

excaliburps26d ago

That's a definite possibility...

phoenixwing26d ago

You better hope it's microsoft and not apple/amazon/google. Microsoft at least is somewhat competent when it comes to games and would let it be on a lot of systems.

gamesftw25026d ago

Lord help us if Google gets a hold of WB.

Sonic-and-Crash26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

no matter who will buy it ...Super Heroes dont sell in videogames that s a fact (except Spiderman for specific artistic reasons, but even he needs huge AAA production behind it Sony+Insomniac )..

No matter how much they try Marvel and Warner cant find a soft spot in gamers ...As MK ip ...imo all their games never were extremely valuable but they have some value if they are handled with care

i dont see any serious company tocare buying them ...they ill wait to absorb their developers individually imo

excaliburps26d ago

I actually didn't think of that. You mean to tell me you don't want to see Stadia 2.0? ^_^

neutralgamer199226d ago


Why not Sony or Nintendo so they know how to produce much better quality titles with many many GOTY winners

phoenixwing26d ago

It would be fine if nintendo or sony got them but I just expect microsoft to spend the cash where sony will go for something that's a more natural fit to their studios like buying housemarque

itsmebryan26d ago

Are you saying none of their batman games sold well?

CorndogBurglar26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


What are you talking about? Yes Spider-Man does well. But what about the Arkham Batman series? The Injustice games? Hell, even the Ultimate Alliance games were loved by fans and sold well.

In fact, everyone was really pumped about Avengers as well, until it turned out to be a steaming pile of crap in a genre no one wanted it to be in.

If anything its been proven that if a good, high quality superhero game is made, they do well. Shocking, I know, since thats basically the case with any game.

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jukins26d ago

Itll be a tough buy for anyone because a lot of properties wb games has are licensed and those rights revert back to the owner so dc games lord of the rings games the lego games would all be back at att or discovery.

That being said, microsoft could definitely afford to lose money just to have mortal kombat exclusive to its ecosystem. And even as a huge ps fan that would definetly make alot of people want an xbox just for mk

darthv7226d ago

But do we know who is going where? From the look of it, DC may be splitting between the two. So one side could be making the Gotham game and the other is doing Suicide Squad game.

1Victor26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The article said WB keeps DC but it doesn’t say if it’s the comics or the games

Christopher26d ago

That would be dumb unless they can maintain the licenses of those studios for at minimum 10 years. Not likely. It's the licenses that are the moneymakers, not the studios. And those licenses aren't being sold by DC.

Atom66626d ago

Chances may have improved. The prior asking price was pretty high for teams with minimal IP of their own. There was little incentive to lower the price before with all of that debt on the books.

They do still have a lot of big projects releasing over the next 2 years. So the safer bet is to look for a sale in 2023 or so.

ApocalypseShadow26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Could just as well be any other company from Sony, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. It's not always about money. But of quality.

If Marvel was all about the highest bidder, Spider-Man would be on Xbox. So far, it hasn't happened unless Disney and Marvel pull a MLB. But with Sony's ownership of movie Spider-Man, what's the chance of that?

Would be kind of interesting through. Spider-Man swinging through Gotham on PlayStation.

glennhkboy26d ago

Spider-Man licenses to Sony is not just about game. It includes the whole IP within the Spider-Man comic. That was the time when Marvel almost bankrupted. The deal was not about quality (of both movie or game), it was about MONEY. Pure and simple.

CaptainHenry91626d ago

Hmm I don't think Microsoft will spend another 7 Billion when they don't have too.

Sonyslave326d ago

Lol ms already said after they brought zenimax they still look for more studios n publisher to buy.

Darkborn26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

But why? They still probably havnt profited since buying all those studios in 2018 and they just spent 7.5b. Xbox hardware bleeds money, gamepass bleeds money, and their first party games bleed money. I'm sure the Microsoft execs want a return on investment at some point.

Edit* I forgot to mention they just bought zenimax with like 5 lawsuits ongoing. They have to also convince Microsoft that that purchase will be profitable too.

26d ago Replies(1)

Would it be better if Sony or Nintendo bought them? You sound kind of salty.

ApocalypseShadow26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The typical response from an Xbox fan with no counter debate: "you're salty." Lol

Yeah. Sony dominating Microsoft generation after generation, making hit after award winning hit, has actual new games released for a new console, has VR and another headset that's coming that's going to blow gamer's away. Yeah. I'm sooooo salty from Microsoft's failures. What was that? You said something about "Craig?" The 500 million dollars of failure reveal? That needs millions more to fix it? Oh yeah. I'm great sprinkled on a pickle.

Try again. Warner would be way better out of Microsoft's hands. At least with Sony, you know Warner games would get game of the year nominations. With Microsoft, it's engagement numbers with barely anyone buying the games.

25d ago
IRetrouk25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

How will they do that? At&t will own 71% of the new company while discovery will own 29%...

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Knightofelemia26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Only time will tell how this will pan out can't wait for Rocksteady to make a nature game that plays like the Arkham games.

Tedakin26d ago

Mortal Kombat as a Stadia exclusive would be.....

Christopher26d ago

A failure for esport pros who don't live in regions with Stadia or close proximity to google server centers processing the servers.

Rainbowcookie26d ago

Only interested in the nemesis system joining a batman game... thats it

Christopher26d ago

That would be fun in general. Take all the powers of DC villains, mix them up in a nemesis system, have fun fighting some ridiculous cross-over villains.

Darkborn26d ago

I do wonder who buys them. I just hope it's not tencent.

Christopher26d ago

No news of them selling anything right now. None.

Darkborn26d ago

True, but they clearly don't want them. They've tried selling a little over a year ago too.

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