Lady Dimitrescu Deserves More Than Resident Evil: Village Gave Her

Keenan writes: "Capcom has captured lightning in a bottle with Lady Dimitrescu, and she deserves more than just her role in Resident Evil Village."

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Sonyslave332d ago

She and donna the puppet woman were under use.

-Foxtrot32d ago

It's not Capcoms fault everyone latched onto her and made her into a bigger thing than she was.

SDuck31d ago

I totally agree but tbf they centered the villain marketing around her. Made her feel like the last boss when she's only the first one.

Mr Logic31d ago

Did they though? Since when do game previews and trailers show you the ending of the game? It's always the first 1-3 hours, because that's considered not as 'spoilery'. She fits firmly into the mold of how games are shown.

ShadowWolf71230d ago

Well yeah. She was the beginning of the game. The least amount of spoiler-y material was there.

JimmyDM9031d ago

If they didn’t want her to be big they shouldn’t have made her over 9 feet tall.

TheRealTedCruz31d ago

She served her purpose, and was a good compliment to the game.
Sorry the internet started drooling over her, and hoped she was part of every aspect of the experience.

FallenAngel198431d ago

That’s your fault for getting so attached to her based on her looks

TriniOutsider31d ago

She played her part in the story and died. Nothing else to really tell about her.

The-Matrix-has-you31d ago

If you don’t mind me asking. Why are you reading this article and the comments section?

Applejack31d ago

Where’s the spoiler courtesy?

annoyedgamer31d ago

Lol. And here I was hoping to play the game and discover the story...

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The story is too old to be commented.