Returnal - The Best PlayStation 5 Exclusive

Devin Rardin: It’s fortunate for those left disappointed by the PS5’s early offerings that Returnal has arrived to showcase this new system’s capabilities. Here are 5 reasons why this is the best PlayStation 5 exclusive right now.

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Jin_Sakai29d ago

I’d love to play this game but I just don’t hours to devote at a time. Really wish we had a save option and didn’t have to rely on rest mode.

Thundercat7729d ago

Your loss. This is an amazing game. A save option would ruin it. It wouldn't have the same adrenaline feeling.

Even if they would add a save option which I doubt, I would rather turn it off and play the game as it was intended to be played.

Jin_Sakai29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Just stop. They could add a save point and delete the save once you return and still play the way it’s intended to be played. It would work the same without having to deal with the unreliable suspend mode

Thundercat7728d ago


Maybe you are the one who needs to stop complaining about this game if you have no intend of buying it.

LucasRuinedChildhood28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Logically, there would be nothing wrong with letting players quicksave when they quit the game and just resuming from that point when they resume the game (no save scumming).

You can already pause the game so you'd still be playing it as intended, you'd just be pausing it .... for an extended period of time (mindblown). If you've paused this game and left your PS5 to do something else even once or put your PS5 in rest mode with it, and you're also arguing against this feature, then you're being a moron. The lack of this feature was a design oversight and the developers have said as much.

TheRealTedCruz28d ago

There's nothing wrong with a save mode that simply deletes itself upon loading. Not everyone has the time to sit for hours and play a game.
It would literally be no different than playing the game from beginning to end, just offering convenience to those who can't afford that much time to gaming in one sitting.

Teflon0228d ago

the problem with this save mode idea is you can save the games quicksave to the cloud, load it and if you lose everything, reload it from the cloud. So no it creates the same issue they don't want to happen unfortunately

CrimsonWing6928d ago

Yea I think having a save feature that gets deleted when you died would, in no way, ruin the game at all.

Tacoboto28d ago

I last played the game before the patch that broke the little save system that they did have (ironic huh?). I think I put the system into Rest Mode when I was halfway into Biome 3 on a good 90-minute-ish run.

So that patch was likely downloaded. And the devs told us to not play again or reinstall if we already did play with the patch. The next day a fix comes out so now that's probably the version installed. Either way, the next time my PS5 is turned on I'll be reminded again of my time wasted, so I've kinda been avoiding the system while playing Village and Yakuza 0 on other things.

Knowing they're working on a save system, I've got no reason to come back till it's ready, as much as I enjoyed it. It's weird feeling like you're playing a game on its time and schedule instead of your own.

Sayai jin28d ago

No, it's not his lost. It's Sony's. They want every possible person to buy Returnal. While I feel some of the criticism is overblown, some of the save ideas were actually good. I only lost one run do to a system update overnight. So no big deal there, but some just aren't really up for losing valuable time.

The option to save or the like where it doesn't break the immersion is possible and if you don't want to use it, then just disable it. Just like aim assist. The option of turning off auto updates for a fix in 2021 on the beastly PS5 is unacceptable IMO. The should have forseen this.

N2NOther28d ago

I played and beat the game but if the save deletes as soon as you use it, not sure how that's much different than using rest mode.

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ArchangelMike29d ago

I get it with the autosave option, and I'm all for it. But in all honesty it's just so overblown. My average time for a run is about 15-20 mins before I get mauled. Sure a run can last up to an hour. But are you telling me that you've never had a gaming session that lasted an hour??? C'mon now, we've all had gaming sessions that have lasted half the night. But all of a sudden it's too long to have a run last more that 10minutes without saving?!

The fact that there is no autosave is not a valid reason to not play the game. It's a good enough excuse to whine about the game though.

Doge28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

There's so much conflicting statements with your argument.

Average runs are dependent on skill, how much you explore and hunt down lore content, how long it takes you to go through a biome, etc. Just because your runs last for 15-20 minutes (which no offense, but you suck at the game) doesn't mean it's gonna be the same for everyone, let alone Jin or myself (first run lasted 4 hours and the 3rd biome boss is what killed the run).

"We've all had gaming sessions that have lasted half the night" you say, but that's the keyword. HAD. You can play ignorant and say Jin's whining and making excuse, or realize that everyone's schedule is different. You don't know what he does with his time. Hell, I don't even know what you do with your time. Not like I care.

I haven't touched the game in a while because I play other games on my PS5. I'm not gonna prohibit myself from playing something else like Yakuza 5 or Soulstorm just because I have an ongoing run suspended, and I also don't want to force myself to lose the progress I've made so I could play other games. That's freakin' dumb as shit and you know it.

✨ Don't speak for others~ ✨

Si-Fly28d ago

If the average run was 15-20 minutes or even an hour there wouldn’t be any complaints. However runs can last three hours and I’m 42 with a family, finding three straight hours to play a video game is a rare thing nowadays!

UnSelf28d ago

Then the game isn’t for you.

Go play something else.

Stop thinking everything is made for you.

HansyJ28d ago

In fairness you’re obviously not good at the game because a run last much longer if you get farther into the game. I personally have no issues with the new save option because it’s pretty simple to go in rest mode or hop on to Netflix or something like that and the game is still intact. But if you’re planning on beating the game you need to be able to go on a run that lasts three or so hours

DaleCooper28d ago

Runs where I actually progress and defeat bosses last about 2 hours for me.

TheRealTedCruz28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


This is a problem that can be easily remedied, and create a convenience that could benefit many a gamer.
Dismissing people's wants on a consumer product to help benefit them is nothing but healthy for said title, and the industry as a whole.

Stop thinking only your opinion matters.

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Vengeance113828d ago

Adding a save point, even if they deleted it after resuming would not prevent save scumming. Someone could just upload that save to the cloud, continue their run, die, then download that old save back to their local storage and continue again.


You could rely on rest mode. I do.

kthxcrayon28d ago

Don't believe what you hear about how long a run takes in Returnal. I just finished it again last night to get the secret ending, and the whole run took 45m, tops. Probably closer to 35.

seanpitt2328d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Everytime I put my ps5 in rest mode.. when I come to boot it up it doesn't start up the blue light just flashes and just a blank screen so I have to do a hard shut down holding the power button for 15 seconds then it rebuilds the database every time so putting it in rest mode is a no go for me. It must be some sort of bug with ps5 hopefully they will fix it soon.

Teflon0228d ago

That's likely a malfunction in your PS5 specifically or it didn't install a update properly because I've yet to hear of this issue and I've had since day one

SickSinceSix28d ago

My ps5 doesn't do that, I guess you can't just easily take it back to the store and replace it with the way they're out of stock everywhere though

seanpitt2328d ago

Google it guys it’s a very common problem hopefully they fix it in a firmware update it’s even bricked some ps5s

Ron_Danger28d ago

What you’re describing was a very common problem at launch that was quickly fixed with an update. You either have a faulty console, or you’re trolling

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jukins28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Since youre so busy why not just play it when you have time? Lol makes no sense hate this argument. People pretend theyre soooo busy but they are on this website commenting on every article on every game giving an opinion on it as if theyve played all these games. But then all the sudden "i dont have time" as i said put in rest mode and play when you have time. . .

Also you ignore the this point about saves. Whats stopping people from using cloud saves to exploit it making deleting the file pointless. A big part of the game is actually dying and going through again and building your stats qeapons parasites. Integrity, and weapon level which will be different every time. No doibt people would juat use cloud saves to exploit a save deletion and just blaze through the game.

DaleCooper28d ago

I entered rest mode on a good run, then paused over the weekend to play RE8 on my Xbox. I'm really hoping my rest mode state for Returnal will still be there when I go back, but who knows!? I do wish it had a save system like Hades, Slay The Spire, etc...

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Thundercat7729d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Right now, Returnal its not only the best PS5 exclusive so far, it is the best shooter game this Gen so far.

We have Ratched and Clank coming soon too and it looks amazing.

rlow128d ago

Not saying much considering their is nothing current gen to compare it to.

CrimsonWing6928d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I know, right? It's like saying Astro's Playroom is the best PS5 exclusive platformer.

Returnal is ok, but it's not the greatest thing I've played this gen. I personally don't enjoy the gameplay loop, but I wouldn't say it's a terrible game.

Sayai jin28d ago

IMO, Spiderman MM. R & C will have that crown soon.

vipah29d ago

Well there's hardly any competition for it since it's one of the only true PS5 exclusive that isn't cross gen. What else is there? Demon souls and astro?

I'd love to play Returnal. One of the first games I'll get when I'm lucky enough to find a PS5.

rlow128d ago

Its a style of game and it's not for everyone and that's okay. When Ratchet and Clank launches it will be a more approachable game. But my hats off to the developer of Returnal because its a beautiful game with rock solid gameplay mechanics. Just not everyones cup of tea.


I keep hearing people complain about how they can’t rely on rest mode because they share their console with their kids or whatever.... GET USED TO IT.

As parents YOU belong to your kids, and it’s not the world’s concern to make that fact easier for you. I recommend buying a switch or sS w/gamepass for your kid. There’s more fun there for kids than currently available for ps5.

You didn’t plan ahead, because you’re a selfish parent.

TheRealTedCruz28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

That's a dumb excuse for not implementing a simple save system that deletes upon loading, just as many similar types of games include.
That would fix the problem, and wouldn't be hard to implement.

The selfish parent comment just makes you look like a jackass, by the way.


Who wanted the ps5? Are they looking forward to Last of Us 3?

Sayai jin28d ago

Sounds like you created a huge argurment in your own mind. There are legit reasons why people want a optional save feature. Optional is the keyword.


A safety net can’t be optional. It’s presence either relieves tension, or it’s absence spikes the pressure. There is no middle ground here.


“If that's the case, how is that relevant to you if you would not ruin the game for yourself? It's not as if this is a competitive experience. It's a singleplayer game. If they add a feature that is optional for you, makes the game better for many others, and lets a few idiots you don't know ruin it for themselves, why does that matter?”

Because with an autosave system, you are never truly “stuck” in a tough firefight once it starts. You WILL know subconsciously that you could restart your system, and revert to a savepoint, and try again. It’s not a matter of choice, the safety net is either there or isn’t. Your brain knows the difference subconsciously.

Anybody that played PUBG and Warzone knows the difference the Gulag makes in terms of pressure moment to moment. The Gulag and an autosave system both increase accessibility, but this is at the cost of also taking away from the absoluteness of the stakes. Any degree of a safety net takes away from the stakes, and some games are meant to create the highest stakes.

I recommend a game that isn’t designed from its foundation to create nothing but the highest stakes possible. Not all products can cater to all people. Accessibility isn’t always guaranteed.

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