Edge Issue#359 Review Scores: Resident Evil Village, Returnal, More

Edge Magazine has released their latest issue 359 featuring reviews for games including Resident Evil Village, Returnal, and more.

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SirBruce27d ago Show
Relientk7727d ago

Given that Edge judges harshly, Returnal getting an 8 is an amazing score from them.

phoenixwing26d ago

8 is a decent score regardless of anything honestly. It's only the young kids who need everything to be a nine or above

Sonic-and-Crash26d ago

RE8 score seems completely fair ...first itme i agree with Edge

randomvoice26d ago

If they add a 'save' system that deletes after you load it so it is used only once in case the game crashes, it is an easy 10 in my book. Honestly the most fun I've had in ages. Yeah it is a difficult game but that is what it is. I absolutely love what they've done with the Dualsense and EVERYONE should copy the idea of primary fire by halfway resistance on L2 and secondary fire by pressing all the way in on L2.

Overall, the game is a true showcase of what is yet to come with the PS5.

frostypants26d ago

I also don't know why some people think such a save-and-quit system would be so unusual. It's exactly how the Souls games work and it can't be exploited.

Si-Fly24d ago

They gave Pokemon Snap an 8/10 too though 😆

BenRC0126d ago

Seems fair for village, lack of next gen games is getting ppl way too over excited for releases.