Game Revolution: Metal Slug 7 Review

Game Revolution writes: "If Police Academy taught us anything, it's that re-using the same formula time and again equals cinema gold, and Ignition Entertainment have caught on to this with the release of Metal Slug 7. Metal Slug is a series of arcade-style shooters that is basically Contra, if Contra were sprayed with a fire hose full of anime box sets. You choose from six playable characters with no discernible difference and fight tooth and nail through legions of baddies, racking up a body count to rival John Rambo's.

click to enlargeThe controls are fairly simple: move with the D-pad, shoot with one button, and jump with another. You can use the touch-screen to view your map, although if you can't figure out where to go, odds are you're having this review read to you while you struggle with your juice box."

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