Activision Has Added A Mystery Game To The PlayStation Store

Activision has just uploaded a mystery game to the PlayStation Store but it could be the long-rumored Modern Warfare 3 Remaster.

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NealGamby503d ago

Unless it's MP, who cares.

1Victor502d ago

🤦🏿Players that don’t like pre teens screaming curses on the mike after been killed by more skilled players

Mr_cheese502d ago

Absolutely nothing wrong with a good single player game.

In fact, most games i play are single player or I dont use the multiplayer aspect much or at all RDR2, Gta5 fitting into this catagory.

EmperorDalek502d ago

Yeah, but this is Call of Duty, it should come with the multiplayer. MW2 remastered was a waste of time without the multiplayer and spec ops, and it'll likely be the same case here. The campaigns are good, but not good enough on their own.

NealGamby502d ago

I agree with you. I always play and enjoy the single player on COD. However, it’s not the full game if they sell it without MP. That’s all I was saying.

Mr_cheese502d ago

To be honest Neal, i completely misread and thought you were gunning for all titles none MP.

Completely all on me!

Phoenix76502d ago

If it is MW3, I'll just wait for about 6 months to a year and it will be given away on ps+. Already had the first 2 given away

Amplitude501d ago

Yeah I bought both on PC and then they were free on Plus almost immediately after lol. Oh well

iplay1up2501d ago

Really? How many COD games are on PSNOW? LMAO! Oh and I have PSNOW!

Adisoftcafe501d ago

Plus not Now. Feeling better?

Limitedtimestruggle502d ago

I won't bother getting this even if it comes as a remaster, the campaign in this game is utter garbage and a huge letdown compared to the previous games. Thanks, but no thanks.

execution17502d ago

Kind of weak compared to 1 and 2 but it's better than ghosts imo

Amplitude501d ago

Everything is better than Ghosts

Limitedtimestruggle501d ago

I never played Ghosts, so I would not know :P

FPS_D3TH502d ago

It’s likely the alpha for next game

Gamist2dot0502d ago

I didn't like MW3. The game felt like they mashed MW, MW2, and WaW levels, slap new skins on the maps and placement of enemies for the story mode just to meet the deadline for release. I do hope it's a remaster of World at War that goes inline with the release of the rumored WW2 game releasing this year.

franwex502d ago

Well, yeah. That’s what actually occurred during the development. LOL.

I did enjoyed it myself tho.

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