xCloud and Game Pass Is Basically a Dream Team

With Microsoft continuing to acquire game-name studios, strike surprising deals, and build its library for Xbox Game Pass, it makes the combo xCloud

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lifeisgamesok32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I haven't seen much hype for Xcloud, there's hardly anyone discussing it outside of a few forums

Traditional console gaming is still the way to go

theindiearmy30d ago

If that Switch rumor is true, it's going to blow the hype right out of oblivion.

TheGreatGazoo3030d ago

Streaming games still isn't possible for like 90%+ all people. That's why little hype. Game changer for me on a couple trips when bad weather hit. Nice to fire up some Xbox on my tablet and continue my saves while stuck in the hotel.

rockwhynot30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yooo! Xbox on a Galaxy tablet with a controller sounds so cool. No lie. And to think Apple might allow it for iPads soon. We're pampered 💗

Sayai jin30d ago

@rockwhynot, you can play on Apple products now. MS stopped waiting on Apple to approve. So they made it accessible via browser.

rockwhynot30d ago

@ Sayai jin RU serious?! Wow.

rockwhynot30d ago

I read that people try it on their phone and it's awesome.

lifeisgamesok30d ago

The hype seems virtually nonexistent to casuals and that's not a good sign

ApocalypseShadow31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Let's see...yup. Puff Piece for game pass.

"It's amazing! PlayStation gamers have to buy games like baseball while we get games for *free.* Well, not exactly free but subscriptions don't cost any money." /S


"It's so great that Microsoft found a work around after trying to give Apple the shaft on royalties on 3RD party games, DLC and micro transactions on their own platform like Epic. Xcloud allows you to play games anywhere for that same *free* price.There's nothing like it anywhere(REMOTE PLAY.) I don't think there's any service or feature that allows you to play games for the price of nothing.(REMOTE PLAY). Paying a few dollars a month to stream a small, curated list of games is so much better than the games you already own for FREE."/S

There's more...

"The Nintendo rumor is awesome. I don't know why a company wouldn't allow game pass on their platform that will hurt Nintendo's game sales, push gamers to not buy Nintendo's games over renting. Why would any company deny the VALUE of putting millions in Microsoft's pockets."/S

And it continues...

"Did I mention game pass? With Xcloud, it will benefit the game industry greatly for everyone. I didn't mention Sony but Sony would be ridiculous in not adding game pass to PlayStation consoles. Did I mention game pass?"

DOMination-30d ago

I personally have never touched it but it's good to have as an option on my subscription if I ever get into a scenario like as mentioned above.

If you don't have an Xbox or refuse to ever accept that GPU or xCloud could ever be useful, then that is also fine, but I would advise you just stick to Remote Play instead of getting upset over an article where somebody does enjoy those features. Because coming up with mad conspiracy theories only make you look like you do actually care. Which you don't. Obviously. Because you've got Remote Play.

chiefJohn11730d ago

Gamepass really get under you skin

darthv7230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Everything xb gets under his skin. Thats why he huffs over these puff pieces (as he likes to call them).

Shadow is just a blow hard... like big bad 🐺. Nothing but hot air.

chiefJohn11730d ago

It's hilarious to me. Dude be disgusted over every positive Xbox article. Like it be ruining his day lol.

neomahi30d ago

Thats a matter of opinion. Do you want a sideboard full if things youre only going to taste, or a main coarse youre going to feast on? Game Pass are a bunch of games "Jaffe"-like gamers are gonna play for a little bit and then never finish. If developers just wanna sell their games, then Game Pass is for them. Me? PlayStation releases games that I set apart several days where I lock myself in a room with a DO NOT DISTURB sign. I cut myself off from society and live an experience from start to finish. I really dont see that happen too much with Game Pass and if I were a developer, and my games ended up on Game Pass, Id be insulted. If Im spending my life developing games and losing all that time with my family, then Id want someone to actually experience what my time and hard work went into and for developers that work with Sony, they tell people: "I worked at Sony because I had freedom to create" while those at Microsoft, Activision, EA, ya know all said they just showed up for s check, there was no atmosphere condusive to that sort of environment, that it was a business rather than a studio or a lab provided by Sony willing to take risks, pehaps not so much anymore under the Jim Ryan/Herman Hulst regime.

Darkborn30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Seems like Jim Ryan is doing his job though. The narrative is just that he's incompetent. Think about it, he took over right before the new Gen and everything had to be hushed for the releases. He's still all hush about everything. Almost everything from Sony just drops out of no where with an acquisition or a new published game or whatever. Over 25 in house and games and 11 of them new IP being developed by Sony and even more from 3rd parties. Who knew about that until it was said? What else don't we know? We didn't know about all those partnered deals until Jim Ryan or hulst just said oh yeah, we got this too. And they said their are multiple other things their still working on.

Highrevz30d ago

You must be a very casual player to have enough AAA exclusives to keep playing constantly.

zacfoldor30d ago

If you are on all platforms, it isn't that difficult, even if you play for hours a day.

chiefJohn11730d ago (Edited 30d ago )

You clearly don't know anything about gamepass. Lol you cut yourself off from society.... Bruh your game lasted 12 hours not days. Get gamepass only then you'd be cutting yourself off from from everyone cause you got so many hits to play and not 4 games a year

TheGreatGazoo3030d ago

You sound like the old man shaking his fist at Netflix and Spotify saying "buying CDs and DVDs is the present and future. Subscription services are a fad."

rlow130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

You must not have any kids. Good luck locking yourself away for 3 days to play a game. Gamepass is a godsend for people that have budgets. The more successful it becomes the better, especially for the wallet.

CYALTR30d ago

@neomahi: " PlayStation releases games that I set apart several days where I lock myself in a room with a DO NOT DISTURB sign. I cut myself off from society and live an experience from start to finish."

I appreciate your devotion to gaming, but most people don't have the ability to do that. It sounds like GP is not a good option for you. I, on the other hand, am older and don't have hours to devote to gaming (anymore, used to be just like you!!), so for me, and many others like me, GP is a great OPTION. Option is the key. What works for me does not necessarily work for you. It sounds like you prefer the types of games that Sony makes and it is important for you to play them immediately and to completion. I would wager to guess, out of all the video game consoles sold, that there are more like me than like you. You sees, gaming is an expanding market for families and older people. Obviously there are many more "casual" gamers than "hardcore" ones. MS is making a play on that market because it is expanding. There will always be a limited number of "fanboys" our there because the fact of the matter is that, like me, most will eventually age out of it. It's just business.

Michiel198929d ago

dafuq is wrong with you. I dont think any developer wants someone who plays their game to be cut off from society for a week or so. you have to be absolutely mental to think that, acting like that is the superior way to play games or something. Its the degenerate way to play. Being immersed in a game is great, but u have to snap back to reality .So you are saying that if you play a game, untill you finished it, you stop caring about friends/family, stop talking to everyone. ignore your bills, dump your girlfriend, let your pets die etc etc. You should sue south park for impersonating you in the world of warcraft episode.

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zacfoldor30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Talk constantly about services when there AAA games. We are 6 months in to this gen, it is show time now, not promise time. I can't get hyped about a cloud option or a cheap bargain option without exclusive AAA games. It is like if some are trying to lure me as a gamer in to an ecosystem, but they have no bait.

I think MS knows this, and why they bought Bethesda, because without exclusive Bethesda IP, imo gamepass doesn't make sense. Either way, imo, Starfield and Halo can't come out soon enough.

Sayai jin30d ago

The service provides games. Sonwhen talking services as you say, the service is games.

Frm.the looks of it they havr and will continue to add 3rd party titles to game pass. They even managed to put a long time PS exclusive on it. They also are are bot done making acquisitions. They have the cash, desire, and reason/need.

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