Sony Patents Gambling and Betting Platform For Esports

Sony patents a gambling and betting platform for esports after acquisition of the EVO tournament.

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SullysCigar36d ago

Not really my bag, but great for those that like a flutter, I guess. I'm not sure this belongs on N4G though lol

phoenixwing35d ago

oh it belongs on n4g. knowing sony is making a betting system revolving around video games is definitely news.

VenomUK35d ago

I don’t gamble and I don’t watch esports but there are calculated predictions that esports will overtake physical sports in popularity which many people love to bet on. So it’s natural that gambling could be a growth area too.

Whatever the gaming industry is like now in ten years time it will have evolved for better or worse so the console manufacturers have to anticipate changes and be ready for them.

I can predict there will be certain websites and YouTubers that will get moralistic about this but they cannot kill off gambling.

MajorLazer35d ago

No way. Physical sports have billions of fans. eSports is popular but it won't get that popular.

Gamer7535d ago

It is about Sony and gaming so why should it be not allowed on here

annoyedgamer35d ago

"Not sure I want people to see my Sony is no saint"

phoenixwing35d ago

I don't think betting is all that great a thing a game company should be associating themselves with. Maybe I'm too much of a prude when it comes to my gaming hobby but the thought of young kids getting targeted for betting ads seems likely.

Christopher35d ago

I'm hoping this is just patenting it to make sure they own the rights. If they got into gambling, there would be a major conflict of interest considering their EVO ties and their position in the gaming industry.

Atticus_finch35d ago

Gaming wise this doesn't mean much if anything. But it does make me very bullish on my Sony investment. I like the stock.

35d ago
GlaciusZero35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

This could only be a EVO thing specifically. Sony doesn't have systems and games in place that have gambling and betting feature's/systems in place 1st party wise. Though the timing of this news doesn't do Sony justice when you factor in the war against lootboxes right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.