GamerDad Reviews: Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods

GamerDad writes: "I enjoyed making some in-progress notes for Fallout 3, and decided to continue this by taking a first look at the recently released expansions for the Gothic and Neverwinter Nights franchises. I will start by looking at the just-released expansion to 2006's Gothic 3, called 'Forsaken Gods'. The original game met with significant criticism due to poor performance, long load-times, and general bugginess. There were also issues with combat that were generally worked out in the patches, but all of these left the game with a terrible reputation. Since then there has been soap opera-level drama between developer Pirahna Bytes and publisher JoWood, resulting in a parting of ways - JoWood hired another studio to work on the expansion and next game in the Gothic franchise, and PB was free to pursue new properties. Despite the loss of the original team that brought us the Gothic universe, many fans were cautiously optimistic that this expansion would not only deliver a thrilling new chapter, but also help redeem the franchise in the eyes of gamers."

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