PS5 stock influx boosts Spider-Man: Miles Morales sales

EA's Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has knocked Resident Evil: Village off the top spot.

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Magog32d ago

Boxed numbers are meaningless with so many people buying digitally but great more people are getting their hands on PS5.

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JEECE32d ago

Meaningless in terms of knowing total sales, but useful for comparing titles against one another. Unless there's a rationale to do so, I'm not going to assume one title sells far better digitally than another. I'd be willing to assume that the most mainstream titles skew more towards physical sales (COD, FIFA, GTA, etc), because casuals seem to gravitate more towards disc (I have casual friends who probably don't even know that all games are available digitally), but otherwise I'd assume most games split similarly between physical and digital.

Crazyglues31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Yeah Digital for whatever reason is just not there yet, Maybe too slow internet speeds, maybe the need to sell the game if one does not like it, or the need to just have a psychical copy....

Either way I've been Digital since PS3 and I Love it.. Days of looking for a disc to insert are long gone and being able to share with my little brother so he can download to his PS5 makes it priceless for me.. so because of that I don't mind not getting a deal on digital and not being able to sell it --> I'm super happy with digital and I'm digital for life, not going back to disc. the pro's out way the cons for me.. 1GB internet speeds I'm good...

But yeah I would assume sales of digital are a lot less then Disc so comparing disc sales is a good measure, you can just think of 30% going to digital for each game... So we don't really need to look at digital sales you can just add 30% to whatever game your talking about / 30 percent went digital..

Phoenix7632d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I don't know what region of the world you live in, but here in the UK for average cost for a physical copy of ME costs £55 (brought mine from Asda), where as the PS store is charging us £60 (less if you sign up to EA sub - about £52 I believe)
Boxed numbers are important as a great deal of people still prefer them over digital.

ocelot0731d ago

PS store may charge £60. But you don't have to pay the £60 price. For example £60 worth of psn credit is just under £55 @ cdkeys. Or at £53.70 for a total of £60 psn credit.

Phoenix7631d ago

Yeah that is true, you can do that. However, for most people, they wouldn't be aware this and too some people, they may even say "seems like a lot hassle".

CorndogBurglar32d ago

Its not meaningless at all. More sales are more sales. We just can't get a total sales idea without digital included. But ghe article os saying that the influx of PS5 stock has caused the MM boxed sales to rise. That was the whole point.

Ratchet7532d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I used top be digital on ps4 but with the insane digital prices(RE8 €69. 99 versus €47.00 on Amazon) and the risk of losing ownership of your games if the cmos 🔋 go dead many people are going back physical.

RedDevils31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I still buying disc as it far cheaper. Why people are so stupid buying digital where it cost $99 for the same games that cost like at least $20 less. For games like ratchet and clank on PS5 costing like $125 digital you can get it physical for $105 here in Australia.

Chevalier31d ago

Jeez. Is there no imports services to Australia? Seems like something you'd think would be a thing over there

ocelot0731d ago

Stupid you say?

So me and my girlfriend love playing cod. I bought the cross gen bundle off the psn store for £50. With my account on her ps5 we both get to play it at same time and play online with each other. Be pretty stupid paying for 2 disk copies if you ask me.

Same goes for the up coming Rust. Paid £38 I think off psn (using cheap psn codes). We get to play together for £38. Or we could just be very stupid and pay £60+ for 2 disk copies.

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Thundercat7732d ago

Very hard to see the whole picture without digital data. Spider Man MM is such a good game. I'm glad it keeps returning to the top 10 every time a new wave of PS5s are sold to customers.

jukins32d ago

Its top 3 in total 2021 sales. Beat only by cod and mario 3d world. Its such a good game. I got a nice 40 hours out of it and like watching my kids try to play it cant wait for the full sequel.

Maybe insomniac will treat us to some co-op missions like ghosts

Darkborn32d ago

I really hope and kind of think they might make a venom game either next or after spiderman 2. It would be really smart to capitalize on that with the new venom movie coming out soon and he is shown.

DivineHand12532d ago

I like that idea for co-op especially if venom becomes a character in the next game.

jukins31d ago

Theyll probably have Peter get the symbiote Miles will have to fight him and then we'll get venom. And hob or green goblin as well. And if they do venom they should definetly have a "seperate" dlc whwre you play as him.

Chevalier31d ago

I do really like this theory I heard on Twitter which seems incredibly plausible. Basically the tech they're using in Ratchet and Clank with the portals and rifts are a test. A test for what you say? A Spiderverse game where you jump between all the realities and multiple Spiderman versions

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boing131d ago

Yeah, that's one of those games you're buying PS5 for. It is that good.

darthv7231d ago

Well maybe the game keeps getting a bump due to it being part of bundle deals? that is how I got my copy. It was a package deal from Gamestop along with extra controller and CoD. they werent free... I had to pay for everything in the bundle in order for me to get the PS5.

Thundercat7731d ago

Or maybe people are just buying the game because it is that good and there is no need to make lame excuses as to it being part of a bundle.

darthv7231d ago

@thunder, Oh I know its a good game but lets not pretend that there arent retailers making their own bundles to move product and try and stave off would be scalpers. I know you aren't that naive. As i have said, that is how I got my PS5 from Gamestop.

They were doing bundles with SM:MM and CoD with extra controller and gift card for $729. Now i would have gotten SM by itself, and that would count towards the numbers sold but as it is in the bundle it still counts toward the numbers sold. i dont see why you or others get so pushed out of shape over it. A sale is a sale, and that's what matters to the retailer and the publisher.

waverider32d ago

The power of a system seller like spiderman! But others think that features is the thing that gamers want... Or care...

knightedHollow32d ago

To be fair I'm seeing a ton of miles Morales bundles. So when the ps5 is in stock there's a big chance it's a bundle with that game. If it's counting those bundles as a miles Morales sale then it's not very accurate to say it's a system seller. Theres simply no other option.

waverider32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Dude, its not? of course it is. The game was out on November... and its not the first time this happend on the last months. That its just an excuse. More, gamers see a bundle with spiderman and another console without any blockbuster game wich one do you think they chose??? Casual gamers, parents, grand parents that want to buy. Its always easier when you got a game like Spiderman bundle. Of course that right now i think sony doenst even need that. But the marketing power of Spiderman is crazy. Whats doesnt sale consoles are features. No matter how many opinion are made, like both news that are on top on N4G. Gamers just dont care. Otherwise the ranking in videogaming would be diferent.

darthv7231d ago

@knight, regardless of it being sold in a bundle... technically the game would still be considered a system seller. you have to buy the game in the bundle to get the system. Get it... "system seller"

jukins31d ago

Can you show me a link to any UK bundle? From a website that actually would be able to get enough quanity pf a bundle to actually make your bundle assumption any kind of true

Chevalier31d ago

So let me get this straight Spiderman arguably 1 of the most popular superheroes ever where the previous game is going to be beyond 20 million copies sold on a single platform is NOT a system seller?! You seriously don't have any idea if you think that. Lol

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jukins31d ago

Lol you guys dont know what boxed means? Also its uk. . . .you guys keep mentioning gamestop. Just let it go Miles is a system seller.

darthv7231d ago

Is gamestop available over in the UK? I'm sorry, I am in the US so it could be other retailers there who bundle games and systems to help move product. No doubt the system sells itself, but if a retailer has the chance to move some units of software by bundling them and making that the only way to buy the system... they will.

People complain so much about scalpers, scalper bots will try to avoid the bundles but others can still buy them and then sell off the components they dont need to recoup some of the $$. I am seeing lots of copies of CoD, spider-man, Godfall... whatever was bundled with systems at the time they were sold, I am seeing them being sold new on the 2nd hand market. That is a sure sign that people bought up the bundles just to get the systems to try and flip for profit.

you cant possibly tell me you have never seen one like that in your local listings. Be it facebook marketplace or if you have the equivalent of offerup or craigslist in UK/EU. i guarantee you people are doing that.

jukins31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Thats not a sign at all. As i myself bought full priced games and controllers to enhance my sale of a ps5. I bought miles ultimate edition demons soul and a controller and still profited $400 or so.

Regardless of that you guys are commenting on this story using irrelvant information. Its uk boxed sales they dont count bundles thats all there is to it

zypher31d ago

I mean yeah, I prioritize games, but I like features too.

knightedHollow31d ago

I think you misunderstood. Right now I'm seeing spiderman as part of ps5 bundles...I don't see any other bundles. So yes of course if they have to choose between a game and no game...obviously they'd pick up the game.

I'm not saying the game isn't good. Just that continued sales of the game might be skewed.

I don't care about any features so not sure why you mentioned that.

JackBNimble31d ago

System seller? I can play this on my ps4 , I thought the ps5 had games. If spiderman is what's selling the ps5 then I guess I was wrong.

knightedHollow31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

This is exactly why above I'm saying it's not accurate to say it's a system seller.

First it's not a ps5 exclusive and second it's being bundled. It is also practically the only bundled game. So obviously it's going to be selling more because of it being the only bundle. People that had a PS4 likely already bought the game since it's readily available.

If what they say ablve about the spiderman up being so huge is as true as they think it is then why would they wait until they could get the elusive ps5 before playing such a system selling game..

Makes no sense to me.

I wonder if it would be selling as well if there were demon souls and returnal bundles. Or a sports game bundle.

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Knushwood Butt32d ago

Shame Returnal dropped.

Awesome game.

SullysCigar32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Yep. Comes with the territory for new IPs, sadly, but a game this good will be a slow burner from this point on as people find out by word of mouth how awesome it is.

Edit: of course, there are always idiots that won't accept people can like different games/genres than they do. I'm sure one will be along in 3...2...:

DEEHULK8832d ago

Slow burn my a$$. Returnal will just be a flop. Let's not sugarcoat it

jukins32d ago

Flopped so hard that it was number 3 in npd.....with 1 day of sales recorded only losing to mlb a familiar franchise multiplat, and outriders sold on every system known to man kind lol.

RedDevils31d ago

@DEEHULK88 more like you hope it flop. In reality you just one of those bitter hater.

Luc2032d ago

It's a great game and I bought the digital version however some of my friends won't be getting it because it's too difficult. After 20 hrs I gave up myself and been enjoying castlevania games available on ps now for a change.

rockwhynot31d ago

Castlevania games are sick!

darthv7231d ago

Returnal should see a spike in sales. i have been seeing new GS bundles with returnal and MLB.

CantThinkOfAUsername31d ago

$70 is a lot for people to stomach ($100 in Canada, $128 in Australia, €80 in Europe, and £70 in UK).

Christopher31d ago

Almost every new release falls out of #1 spot after the first week unless it's a known annual release or R*. Why are people making this some FUD material?

Applejack31d ago

Because some people get off on console arguments for reasons I’ll never understand.

NeoGamer23231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I was going to wait for Returnal to drop in price, but I think I will go get it now. I can't watch a next gen exclusive game, new IP, and full game with pretty much the same metacritic score sell less then a side story sequel of a game that also runs on last gen consoles and shipped 6 months ago.


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abeosaa32d ago

Managed to get a PS5(UK) on wednesday, picked up Spiderman and AC:Valhalla 2nd hand from CEX. Wonder if their sales go towards this.

Nyxus32d ago

I would assume second hand sales don't count for these charts. Also congrats on getting a PS5!

abeosaa32d ago

Cheers mate managed to pick one up in-store at Argos. Was only 6 left when I left but funnily enough I told my mate they had them, he went back the next day and managed to get the last one. Seems like in-store drops don't fly off the shelves as quick as you'd think.

jukins31d ago

Probably because no one expects them in stores. Kinda cool though that theyre gettong to shelves and actually lasting a little

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