Microsoft Closes Loophole For Cheaper Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft has closed a loophole for getting a cheaper Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through EA Play subscription as confirmed by an update on the support website.

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lifeisgamesok26d ago

And people somehow think that Xbox is cool with taking losses on GP forever

Sayai jin26d ago

Taking a known loss is not the same thing as an unknown loophole.

Mr Pumblechook26d ago

So it begins: The closing of the loopholes and then stopping the ‘tricks’ to convert Xbox Live Gold. And then when Microsoft has smoked Sony out of the industry but it’s sheer buying power and PlayStation is dead then MS will Jack the price up to $30 per month.

badz14926d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@Mr Pumblechook

"...when Microsoft has smoked Sony out of the industry but it’s sheer buying power and PlayStation is dead..."


Thundercat7726d ago

This is exactly the actitud that is taking over the Xbox users... They now want everything cheap, they don't want to pay. It is about how much can I get without paying.

We will see for how long can Microsoft sustain such a business model.

26d ago
Orchard26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I can’t wait to see the sudden 180 when Sony announce their upcoming game pass competitor.

It’ll be the best thing ever and somehow Sony, who are far less wealthy than MS will be able to sustain the business model forever!

P.S. money doesn’t grow on trees and the majority of the world doesn’t enjoy paying a dollar more than they have to, not just for games, but for anything.

Xbox Game pass is good for consumers, and Sony’s GamePass will be too.

badz14926d ago


Sony already has PSNow and has already started it 3 years before GP even a thing. which bridge has you been under this whole time

Orchard26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@badz149 Not really comparable / even remotely close due to less quality games and no new games. That’s partly why the subscriber number is so low compared to GP too, despite being out for far longer as you pointed out. Heck, in its current form I wouldn’t even consider subscribing to PSNow.

Sony apparently think the same - hence why they are preparing a game pass competitor.

JustTheFax26d ago

For being one of the biggest PS fanboys on here right now, you sure do think about xbox/microsoft a lot! hahahah

itsmebryan26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

And when is this announcement coming?............

Also I thought people said gamepass was bad for gamers. Why would Sony copy that?

lifeisgamesok26d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees this. I've seen some people try to make it seem like buying games is bad now 🤦‍♂️

outsider162426d ago

"And if it fails they will just buy Playstation."

Come on now, Ms got laughed out the room for trying to buy Nintendo. They don't want to be laughed out again.

Tedakin26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

It's attitude. Not actitud. And MS is a trillion dollar company. They can probably sustain this business model forever. They just bought a 30 billion dollar AI company like it was nothing..

slayernz26d ago

@Tedakin - microsoft has shareholders just like any other company. and just like any other company they will have business plans and board meetings with targets etc - the question is how long will the shareholders support the strategy if it doesnt make money

rlow125d ago

Okay, so how many Xbox users have you talked with to come to this incredible logic? Or what survey are you citing?

Michiel198925d ago

@thundercat surprising huh that people rather pay less than more (during a pandemic)? if you prefer to give a company more money instead of less for the same product, you really are a special kind of special. you must be happy games msrp is going to be 70 instead of 60 then.

Michiel198925d ago

@rlow1 he didnt talk to anyone, hes just spouting nonsense to support his fantasy narrative, because he cant stand a competitor of his favorite company having a good deal and that people might say something positive about them.

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neutralgamer199226d ago

this is just the beginning and others have been saying this for a while. GP can not and will not service at it's current base price. This isn't rocket science. Yes MS have deep pockets but they want every division to turn profit and can't sink money for a long time.

Close all the possible loop holes so people must pay full price(yes business wise it makes complete sense but to gamers it may not)

As soon as next Fallout or ES are ready they will raise the price for GP(book mark this) there is absolutely no way they will charge a base rate (they may even have tiers within GP where people paying more will get newer games first) so just like when they tried to raise price for Gold(which BTW is still coming it's just further down the road) or simply raise the price to $24.99 per month when big games show up day one on GP

BY year 4 if things are looking up phil will be replaced because you can't spend almost 10 billion on acquisitions and still getting beaten by your competition 2-1. More hardware sold equals to more subscriptions so even though xbox sides like to believe ms don't care about selling hardware they sometimes fail to realize without hardware you can't sell software. This is a very important time for xbox brand because now it can't fail because the level of investment ms made

Zhipp26d ago

What's your logic for saying GP can't be solvent at base price?

Suddenly raising the price to $25 would be suicide. Such a huge increase would cost them a shit ton of subscribers, potentially making the entire service less profitable, ironically, than it was at $10-15. It's basic economics of scale.

neutralgamer199226d ago


I should have been more clear with my original comment. I don't think suddenly they will go to $24.99 but a $5 price raise might be coming with next big budget AAA Bethesda game. Also you are right in the short term they may lose subscribers but in the long run they will get more because when gamers see value at $24.99 they will sign up. And casuals/parents would happily pay $24.99 because it's less than half the cost of one new game and their kids could play a lot of games for one base price

From day one I think this service is geared towards casuals because these subscriptions make money when people Forget to cancel them(that's how most subscriptions make money because people think oh it's just $20 bucks I will use this service this month etc

Logic is simple they invested billions to make a profit and they have already shown they are willing to double the price(did they not just try that with Gold and with community backlash they backed out)

All businesses try to make a profit and TBH when big budget AAA IP's are being released in GP than $24.99 isn't asking a lot since a new game costs at minimum $60. It really would surprise me if with the next Bethesda game we get a $5 price raise and than another in in few years. I don't think they would go straight to $24.99 but I do believe their end goal is $29.99 per month with 6 months commitment(this way people can't sign up to play few big games than not renew)

Us core gamers know how to get the best deals possible most of the times but casuals don't. They don't visit gaming sites daily and stay up to date on news

Zhipp25d ago

Dude, the Xbox One's attach rate is 6.55. The console has been out for 7 years. The average gamer doesn't buy a game every month, or even every other month. No one is going to find value in $25-$30 a month for Gamepass, because they won't use it enough to justify spending that kind of money.

I also don't know where you got that subscriptions make their money from people forgetting to unsubscribe, but even if that's the case no one is going to forget about a $25/m charge unless they're drowning in money. There is no major entertainment subscription service at the moment that costs $25, yet Disney, Netflix, WB, and Amazon all put as much or more money into original content than MS does with Gamepass, and none of them have found the need to charge even $20 a month.

Sciurus_vulgaris26d ago

I think Microsoft will kill off the loophole of stacking gamepass ultimate onto 1 year gold subscriptions next.

aconnellan26d ago

Not a loophole though, it’s a feature.

But I do anticipate they’ll remove that eventually too

Sayai jin26d ago

Yes. They will do this at some point. People have been saying they would do this a while ago.

roadkillers26d ago

Getting Gamepass for 3 years at $180 was the best gaming decision I made. This is especially true because I never played Xbox. I went from SNES, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 & WIi, Wii U, now I'm here with a Series S. The library is immaculate

Zhipp26d ago

You skipped the entire 8th gen? What have you been playing on since the Wii U was discontinued?

Glad you're enjoying the Series S though. You're like the ideal customer for Gamepass. Literally everything on that platform must be new for you. Plus there are tons of cheap last gen games that will be very nicely enhanced on your new console.

roadkillers25d ago

^ I didn't own a PS4, but I played my friends occasionally. Missed out on a lot of games, but of course got to play part of my favorites like Uncharted 4 or God of War. I was not a fan of the PS4, maybe because he had the original PS4? The interface seemed clunky and slow. Had social features I didn't want and the games I wanted to play were not on it. I missed a lot on it that I may go back to once PSNow becomes bigger (MGS5, the other Uncharted, maybe Horizon & Ghost of Tushima, FF7, the last guardian, etc)

Once you get older, playing most games becomes a novelty. It has to be something extremely catchy and fresh. That's why I was so impressed with the new God of War, didn't regret a second of that game.

Zhipp25d ago

Your thoughts on the ps4's interface mirror my own. That, plus my PS4 is extremely loud. It does have some absolute gems, but I agree finding the time to play everything is always an issue. I own all the consoles, but between school, work, and family I really don't have a lot of time for gaming. I finish maybe 2-3 games a year. Technically I should be fine owning just one console.

franwex26d ago

I was only able to get away with this once :/

chiefJohn11726d ago

They been stopped that. It was a 1 time/time frame deal

NotoriousWhiz25d ago

I just did it within the past month... I don't stack 3 years though. I only do one at a time.

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Petebloodyonion26d ago

Well it was fun while it last. Managed to grab a 4 month deal!
Too bad I didn’t stack months.

Magog26d ago

The price hike is just around the corner. Converting gold to gamepass is also going to go away.

rakentaja26d ago

This guy is well known as Sony Poni.
I don't see it disappearing completely (ways of getting it cheaper), because account sharing will probably remain. I currently pay little over 22 USD for a year of GPU (play/download all the games at the same time, no restrictions).

Orchard26d ago

I can do that too: "Sony are going to 10x the price of PS+, Nintendo are going to 10x the price of Switch Online. Stadia? 100x"

It's amazing what you can claim with no source to back it up.

neutralgamer199226d ago

you can do anything you want but you don't need a source to know ms wants people to pay the full price possible for GP so it's very likely they will close all loo-holes and make people pay full price

Zhipp26d ago

MS will eventually force people to pay full price, but I don't expect any actual price increases for a good long while. Could be 5+ years, based on how the other big subscription services have handled their price hikes. Even Netflix, which has at this point doubled in price for it's best subscription, can still technically be had for $9/month. That's just a dollar more than when it launched over 13 years ago.

Aquafiniac26d ago

Lmao people asking for source and calling you out for predicting but I see them do it all the time with Sony or when people do it with Sony they don’t call them out.


King_Noctis26d ago

Then shouldn’t he started the sentence with either “I think” or “In my opinion”? He made it seem like MS had already decided to raise the price of Gamepass or removed the Gold/Gamepass conversion.

galmi25d ago Show
chiefJohn11726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Converting will never go away for the simple fact they already bundle both gold and gamepass. So that going away would mean gamepass ultimate would go away and we all know that aint happening

NotoriousWhiz25d ago

It depends. I think they would be eager to close it if a large portion of subscribers were using it. But as we know, most subscriptions make money because casuals forget to cancel. So I guess it depends on the ratio of casuals to thrifty gamers.

darthv7225d ago

Keep saying it, one day you (and others) will be right. Then you can strut around like 🐓 and say I told you so.

But not today.

Mr_Writer8525d ago


It probably won't, they just devalue the conversion.

I bought a years of Gold, and it only converted to 3 months UGP.

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Kados26d ago

I fail to see a real issue here. "One month of EA Play will extend an Game Pass Ultimate subscription by 10 days, and a one-year EA Play code will extend an Game Pass Ultimate subscription by 2 months." The obvious solution is to just buy 12 1-month EA Play subs, which will still get you 4 months of Game Pass Ultimate. Just don't use a 1-year code.