Bring it Back | Legacy of Kain

For GotGame's Bring it Back retrospective feature this week, the spotlight shines on the Legacy of Kain franchise.

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FlavorLav0127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I’d love a current take on either Legacy or Kain Soul Reaver. Personally I have more memories spending time getting through all the pain in the ass puzzles of Soul Reaver, but really enjoyed the game and art style

Scissorman8227d ago

Pushing and pulling and flipping those blocks...:P

MWH27d ago

The games did not break too many grounds with the gameplay and less so with the later installments, but the story was so good it qualifies as a high quality novel. To me it make up for everything else.

jukins27d ago

Id want a remake or just a new game in the series. Went back and played this a few years ago , to me at least it didnt really age well

BlackIceJoe27d ago

I've been wanting this for years, but you need to make sure Amy Hennig is part of the series, because she was a huge part of the series in the past.

TheHan27d ago

Legacy of Kain is badass. Ahead of its time, then they went in a completely off beat direction, go back to what made the first one so great. Blood Omen Kains legacy is the best one, went down hill after reaver.