Ranking the Bosses of 'Resident Evil Village'

Boss battles have always been a key element of the Resident Evil series.

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CaptainHenry91631d ago

The doll was the creepiest experience of the whole game. Hiding under the bed felt good and I didn't want that baby to get me

giovonni31d ago

That was, I thought they could of did more with that though. The best one has to be lady dimitrescu and her “ three daughters” to me. the mansion was dark and eerie, the fact that they all could randomly pop up at any time added to the suspense as well. Kudos to capcom

Yui_Suzumiya31d ago

Yeah, now I want to find an Angie doll just for fun 😅

TechnoGoat28d ago

SAME! I want a statue to put on a shelf randomly to freak people out.