Check Out Resident Evil Village’s Castle Dimitrescu Remade in Dreams

Resident Evil Village was just released last week, and in that time, someobody has already recreated Castle Dimitrescu in Media Molecule's Dreams!

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TheRealTedCruz27d ago

People are starting to really show talent with Dreams. There's a lot you can do with the toolset. The first few months was just shifting through Shrek memes lol.

excaliburps27d ago

Indeed. Like, they are insanely goos. Hopefully, Sony’s plans to let creators monetize their work pushes through ASAP.

roadkillers27d ago

That's a good way to kill this game fast. It's not different than when Valve wanted to monetize mods.

TheRealTedCruz26d ago


Two very different situations. PC is an open platform that has allowed people to alter games, for years, and allowed fans to download those creations for free.
What Valve tried to do was kill a market that was originally free, and monetize it. Knowing they had a majority stake in the PC market.

Dreams is it's own, separate toolset. Owned by one company. Two if you count Sony. If they chose to let people monetize their works, it only affects their own ecosystem.
Not the entirety of Sony's catalog.

Lionsguard26d ago

Being able to monetize is a very thin line to tread. It has to be super high quality and approved by Sony, I'm not paying a cent for some 10 second art piece or crappy meme dream. There are some insanely awesome stuff on Dreams that deserves some money though, especially VR ones.

SullysCigar27d ago

There's loads of quality stuff on Dreams now, the value proposition is huge, even if you never make anything.

And if you do, the time commitment can be so much lower than it used to be, thanks to all the assets available now.

I just love seeing what people come up with!

philm8727d ago

Wow. Keep getting impressed by creation in Dreams. It's the sort of thing I'd have loved 5 or so years ago when I'd have the time to get my teeth into it.

26d ago
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