Returnal Is the Ultimate Introduction to Roguelikes

KeenGamer: "Roguelikes are incredibly popular, and Returnal might be the best way to get into the genre. Its third-person twist with its pacing opens the door for newcomers to test the waters to see if this alien world is right for them. Even veterans might want to check it out if you can get your hands on a PS5."

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Magog28d ago

Certainly the best looking one by a factor of 1000.

jukins28d ago looking. If you really think hades looks better than returnal just stop doing.....anything please

Michiel198928d ago

if by best looking you only mean pixel density i agree, if u dont then i disagree.

jznrpg28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Hades is a good game but Returnal is much better in every area minus comedy, Hades is funny. Good game , I personally like Children of Morta as an indie rogue like a bit better but Hades is well made and is funny . There are many rogue likes but Returnal is by far my favorite , Binding of Isaac is a good one too and a few other besides the ones mentioned above .

tombfan27d ago

Hades has an amazing art style, that's what helps It, supergiant games are masters on art style, in that regard... Yes... It may be better. But overall presentation, Returnal is miles ahead, not just for the 3D, it also has amazing assets and biomes but also great enemies, bosses, story, and the story segments are awe makers.

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S2Killinit28d ago

Its so well made. But man its touch. I got to the first boss, and i thought I had him.. but without giving anything away, i was so wrong.

Thundercat7728d ago

Roguelike games were never a thing to me. Returnal changed that single handedly. Truly an amazing game.

jukins28d ago

I didnt even know really that its a genre. I juat thought it was a feature of games. Returnal has shown me the light. These games are right down my alley. Ive been dying for past 2 weeks moatly dying getting to the biome 3 boss, sometimes on it. But the fact that every time its different every gun is different every parasite or malfuntion is different the map layout. Im not even mad because its like im playing a different level everytime i die. Ive been missing out

Michiel198928d ago

so you didnt know the genre at all, how do you even know returnal is the best looking one in that genre?

jukins28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Umm where did i say it was best looking in genre? Lol you obviously have a reading comprehension problem. First you couldnt decipher best looking and best game and now youre just blatantly making things up. Are you some wiiuwierdo whose triggered because theres a, subjectively, better roguelike game not on your console?

Michiel198928d ago

" looking. If you really think hades looks better than returnal just stop doing.....anything please"

where did i say which game was best (think youre the one with the reading problem)? i only say that i think hades looks better if by "looking better" u dont only mean the pixel count. I think that you have a comprehension problem with best looking being a subjective thing, not objective if you care about anything else than pixel count.

jukins28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Lol again where did i say itbwas best looking i said focus because the original poster said best looking, and you brought up hades. . Sorry its a 3/4 perspective view with 16 bit era graphics. Clearly returnal looks better. But again where did I say its the best looking in the genre. Again work on your reading comprehension. Lol pixel count? Youre really really trying hard arent you.

Chevalier27d ago

I only just got to the 2nd Biome myself. Lol.

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blackblades28d ago

I think rogue legacy was my 1st, didn't know nothing about rogue like games before that one. Also thought rogue like a smaller version of souls like going by the dying part.

Michiel198927d ago

its fine if your definition of best looking is pixel count, and as i said before i wont argue with you over that if thats the case. but u obviously didnt play Hades, if u think thats how a 16 bit game looked on the snes....well what do i say...youre wrong. its also not 4:3 aspect ratio or whatever u mean with 3/4 perspective.

youre trying to convince me that a subjective subject is all of a sudden objective. he said: returnal looks 1000x better than any other roguelike which i why i said Hades says hi because i disagree. I prefer stylized games in most instances over graphical fidelity/pixel count whatever u wanna call it and I think those stylized games do look better. then you come in and say: " looking. If you really think hades looks better than returnal just stop doing.....anything please"

you dont see there is a difference between which game is the most graphically advanced and which game someone thinks looks better?

yeah ofcourse im the only one trying hard here, u hypocrite. You're the one here trying to change my opinion, im just trying to explain my reasoning why i think Hades looks better and instead of adressing the points you start taking jabs or whatever it is ur trying to do.

no i dont own a ps5, yes i do own a pc, no i dont own an xbox.. so stop bringing up console war in here because i really couldnt care less about that, it has nothing to do with this.

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GameZenith28d ago

Only for 13 year old with no life responsibilities. I prefer games that respects my time.

S2Killinit28d ago

Awwwww were you disrespected?

GameZenith28d ago

Nope because I saved my money and didn't buy it. Reading the reviews about how tedious it is with time was enough with me.

S2Killinit27d ago

So then your opinion is pretty much worthless.

jznrpg28d ago

It’s nowhere near the longest game I’ve played , if you don’t know what your doing I guess you could waste a lot of time .

Atticus_finch28d ago

You respect your own time so much, you commented on a gaming forum, about a game you don't care to play.

GameZenith28d ago

And that comment along with this one took less than 30 seconds while on a mobile device.

Nowhere near having to play an extended sitting and still having to keep the console on in rest mode.

Elda28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Then find a game including an article that floats your boat.

RedDevils28d ago

So why are you still here moaning?

jukins28d ago

@GameZenith so by your logic youve beat thiw game a 1000xs dont let that go over your head lol.

TheGoodestBoi28d ago

Aww no worries I'm sure one of these days you'll grow up to be 13 years old

jukins27d ago

Way way past that and yet somehow still manage to progress in returnal. Imagine that because you know as an actual adult i can go days and weeks before i even sit down to play. Returnal has been in rest mode for a week just finished 3rd biome boss this morning and now im off to. . . . Adult lol. If you have no leisure time as an adult youre doing it wrong. Oryour3 just a salty angsty basement dwelling teen with no concept of reality

Thundercat7727d ago

I'm pretty sure Candy Crush fits your description.

HansyJ27d ago

You will spend no more time on this game then you would any of the souls games. By the time I hit 45 hours I had beat the game past chapter 3 and have every trophy minus some of the maxing out weaponry ones. It’s best not to talk crap about a game unless you actually at least played it and have an opinion

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Redemption-6428d ago

I actually really enjoyed this game

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