Tencent to Launch Mobile Space Exploration Game That Looks Very Similiar to No Man’s Sky

Tencent is set to launch a new sci-fi space exploration game titled "Our Planet" that looks very similar to No Man's Sky.

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Magog26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

That's basically been many of these Chinese company's modus operandi. Others do it too but usually not so blatantly.

roadkillers25d ago

Watch the trailer, the color pallets the same and the space/explore aspect is similar, but it is a different game. It's basically saying that True Crime or Driv3r looked similar to the GTA series.

LucasRuinedChildhood25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

True. You can hate Tencent and the Chinese government, but lads, at least watch the trailer if you're going to leave a comment.

The gameplay looks very different to NMS. It seems to be really focused on movement systems (flying, swimming, **hoverboard/snowboarding**, riding unicorns, climbing, jumping from precisely from rock to rock, there's an emphasis on gravity, etc), not resource management. The GTA clone analogy is accurate.

1:13 - if that existed in NMS, I'd actually play it.

roadkillers25d ago

Going off that, it looks amazing right? Looking closer, the animation looks almost too smooth. I believe it might be CG disappointingly

excaliburps25d ago

Their game patents for some stuff give off similar vibes too.. :}

gamesftw25025d ago

Whatever prints money for them.

Nintentional25d ago

China does this in general with everything. They have no respect for IP, they love their media and apps releasing/selling in other territories like Tik tok, but they ban US competitors in their country. Trash government and so corrupt.

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Inverno25d ago

Looks like they mashed together Subnautica and MMS, but half of that doesn't even look like real gameplay…