Resident Evil Village's Cadou Parasite Explained

The Cadou parasite in Resident Evil Village is similar to other parasites and viruses that have caused trouble in this past, with a local twist.

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sourOG37d ago

That didn’t really explain it lol. There are 3 separate things, but they are all a part of the one thing. How is the fetus thing different from the mold?

giovonni37d ago

Well the Cadou is different because mother Miranda created it from the mold of the Megamycete. See the mold can be used to create parasitic properties, which can all be different depending on who is using the mold. The Megamycete can take over a host completely.

sourOG37d ago

How does the Cadou infect people though? Does she implant them in people? Just being around it? The first time I saw it was in the ugly dudes lair in a jar. I thought that was a pet and it’s name was cadou

giovonni37d ago

Factual, you know there is an achievement for beating the giant Lycian before you get to the den?

giovonni37d ago

It is implanted, but remember it effects people differently. When the ugly fish guy used wolf dna and that’s what created the Lycians. The four guardians were all implanted with the Cadou

sourOG37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Nice. You saw all of that in the notes lol? I’m on my second play through and I’m going to pay more attention.

Side note, I’m loving how they completely nailed the bonus features. Classic capcom in-game bonuses. Bring them back.