Nintendo Wii - Just a Phase?

It's one of the 'big three' consoles available, but how long will gamers find the Nintendo Wii revolutionary and entertaining? Will the Wii become the best selling game console of this generation or will it fade out and be over-shadowed by its competitors? Could the Wii be just a phase?

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MikeGdaGod4909d ago

the Wii is great, but for me, i just can't imagine playing it a year or two from now. Maybe i'm wrong but at 3AM, after a long night of parties, i dont feel like waving my arms around all over the place...blows my high

cuco334909d ago

it seems like all people want is for nintendo to fail...

the wii is an excellent console. it has done what xbox1/xbox360/ps1/ps2/ps3/pc/e tc never did and never will... brought gamers and nongamers together into gaming. it's a fun system meant to bring a different view on gaming. if 'next gen' is all about graphics then guess what, pcs have been cranking out better graphics from day 1. sure the wii isn't visually aweing but it can be and it seems this is the only 'drawback' that people view. technically it is more powerful than ps2/xbox1, and you know how great some of those games looked. but the concept comes down to the game method and the games. i think that is more 'next gen' than an updated processor and graphics card that just makes games prettier. the wii was designed to attract a different audience. the 'hardcore' gamer will be that graphicwhore who wants to be awed by how pretty a game is, but a lot of times are left behind with gameplay that has been copied for years. frankly that gets boring for me. my girlfriend hates when i game on ps2/pc/360 but fights me for the wiimote to play warioware/rayman and complains on why nintendo hasn't released the latest mario. my sister is the same way. you will never grasp at how satisfying it is for me to see them, complete nongamers, to be into a game, a system, as much as they are. i say bring on the 'gimmicky' fun multiplayer games, get people involved with each other and not online against some 57yr old asian guy or some 11yr old foul mouthed southerner and let's all have fun. besides, for the price you CAN'T go wrong.

power of Green 4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

I loved Nintendo and it's the reason i chose Xbox because it's feel seemed more simular to NiN64/Dreamcast at the time, i grew up with the big N but the choice they made is 50%-ish in long term success. It's either gonna be a smash hit or a bust. I'll never buy one it's just silly to me.

Rasulis4909d ago

When did gamers get so snobby. I remember when gaming was all about having fun. It didn't matter what you looked like; hell I remember looking ridiculous for playing games as a little kid but now you have to look cool and l33t when you play games. I personally don't call this grown up.

The Wii is an amazing console with it's own faults, but I support Nintendo for bringing some thing new to the market. It already has caused ripples in the gaming community. Look at Microsoft and Sony already researching what the Wiimote has done. Plus I enjoy being able to play games with my family and girlfriend.

I'm sorry but Nintendo deserves credit where it has rightfully been earned even if the Wii does turn out to be a fad.

TheExodus4909d ago

Doesn't matter, because I'm actually having fun with my Wii. Something that I really haven't been able to say since Jumping Flash! for the original PlayStation. For the past 14 years it seems like I've just been playing Doom with new .wad files while upgrading to higher res. graphics along the way hoping to convince myself that Title X was actually innovative in some way.

I for one will be keeping my fingers crossed that Wii revolutionizes videogaming in 2007 like the original PlayStation did in 1994.

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