Resident Evil Village (Xbox Series X) - Compare RT On vs. RT Off Screenshots

TechStomper's final Resident Evil Village screenshot comparison studies Xbox Series X's two graphics modes to help you decide if a little frame drop is worth a little ray tracing.

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Nerdmaster32d ago

Why did they make comparison images with no way to zoom in or open them in full size?

PrimeVinister32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It's the content publisher- when using image compare you can't pop the images out.

The best you can do is zoom in manually 😢

roadkillers32d ago

I mean, I see a difference, but it isn minimal to me. While playing, the game can be very dark and hard to see at times. The section that shows off RT the best imo is the castle Demotescues because of the gold. It's a small section of the game.

The biggest benefit this game has (playing on Series S) is the quick resume feature. It's nice shutting the console down and starting back up in the pause menu. When the quick resume failed (about 10% of the time), the game saves often and loading is fast.

I'm very content with how the game looks and enjoying the gameplay. Playing on normal isn't bad, died about 3 times (2 instadeaths), but I'm glad I didn't go any harder. About 3 hours left, hopefully the story holds us. Heisenberg is a pretty badass character.

PrimeVinister32d ago

It's a very replayable game - there is as much replay value as most RE games.

Quick resume is cool but it's offset by the faster loading times on PS5 - I mean, there are dedicated loading screens on Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One but none on PS5.

roadkillers32d ago

I can't compare, but the only loading I'vr seen is the 4 seconds that says quick resume. Even RE7 was immensly more playable this gen because of the loading screens and this gen having SSDs. I'm loving it. Only downside thus far is the slow download speeds, which won'y be fixed by consoles (internet or cloud gaming)