Tech2: Killzone 2 Hands-On

Tech2 was invited over to Milestone Interactive's office yesterday to try out a build of Sony's proverbial carrot on a stick - Killzone 2 - and what a fine, juicy carrot it is!

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GarandShooter3631d ago

'The overall controls felt extremely sluggish and untuned, with close to a quarter millisecond delay between your controller input and the effect of it in-game.'

This seems odd. A millisecond is 1/1000 or 0.001 seconds. A quarter millisecond is 0.00025 seconds. Doesn't seem like a lot of delay to me. I wonder if he was being tongue-in-cheek, or actually measured it. Anybody have any idea what the delay is on well tuned controls?

Graphics Whore3631d ago

The controls are tight and responsive, I disagree that it feels untuned, I think GG has the controls where they want it to be however some people just don't agree with the more provocative fps animation.