The Division Heartland Gameplay Leaks From Closed Test Alpha

Loads of The Division Heartland gameplay has made its way out via the closed alpha test, with one video featuring a dev explaining the game.

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Profchaos502d ago

Yup that looks like the division alright. Have to say division 2 and what I've seen in the heartlands leak make me wish we had return to a snowed in city like new york. (I didn't play Warlords of ny dlc though)

The original game was lacking in content compared to 2 and had a first attempt of a MMO feel to it with difficulty spikes and poor drops but man that city was incredible.i hope they remake it with what they learnt.

Vegamyster502d ago

I wish they expanded on the survival gamemode in the first game, the blizzards mixed with the stellar light system was really immersive, i'd love to see them implement it into a base game in future instalments.

excaliburps502d ago

Yep. Definitely looks like The Div. xD

I am kinda surprised Ubi just capitalized on the F2P bit just now. I can see this taking off too. Like, I ran The Div with friends, and I'm sure they'll give this a go. Just hope the MTX isn't too predatory.

Angelin502d ago

Battle royale confirmed!

TheOptimist502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

It looks like just another Ubisoft game.... Crap.

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