Little Nightmares 2, Persona 5 Strikers & Many More Popular Titles On Sale Right Now

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Dirtnapstor29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I'm kind of pissed. I love the Little Nightmares series. I purchased the PS4/5 version prior to release. And now it's on sale, which normally I wouldn't care about... but where the heck this the PS5 iteration?!
They needed to release the complete bundle package in full BEFORE it goes on sale. Ridiculous.
If I had know they were going to drag their feet, I would have gladly waited, especially for a discount. Ridiculous.

jukins29d ago

I didnt mind paying full price at all for this gem.

Dirtnapstor28d ago

Oh, I have no problem with this. Doing so supports the Devs. My gripe is about the lack of the PS5 version. You'd think it should have been released prior to any type of sale of this gem.

jukins29d ago

Little nightmares 2 is an amazing little game.
As for persona 5 im not sure butnlikw the mainline gamebi just couldnt bring myself to complete either one meanwhile im on my umpteenth playthrough of persona 4 golden on vita. Sidenote little nightmare wouldve fit perfectly on vita.