Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes Tali's controversial cabin photo

Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes one of the longest-standing issues with the franchise: Tali's face.

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Stanjara28d ago

One picture is a realistic capture of one women's life...other is game photo mode running at 147 fps


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BlaqMagiq128d ago

This is an improvement actually. The original was just a stock photo that could be found anywhere that was slightly edited. At least they added her actual self in the picture this time.

VenomUK28d ago

@BlaqMagiq1 I get that a stock photo was used wasn't it actually supposed to be Tali before she changed/under the mask (I can't remember the story exactly it's been such a long time.).

BlaqMagiq128d ago

Nah this was supposed to be Tali sometime after they confirmed their romantic relationship. The original photo doesn't make any real sense because her immune system is bad so she shouldn't be out of her suit.

VenomUK28d ago

That makes sense, cheers!

DJStotty28d ago

If you ask me, the replacement looks worse than the original

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The story is too old to be commented.