Nintendo comments on its rising R&D costs

When Nintendo held its financial call last week, one investor asked about the company’s rising costs when it comes to research and development. The Big N is expecting these expenses to be at nearly 100 billion yen for the fiscal year. President Shuntaro Furukawa offered up some insight.

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BrainSyphoned32d ago

Making games out of cardboard, Mario Legos and Mario Kart RC sure is expensive, for the consumer.

Fntastic32d ago

And they have a habit of having less content in newer games. Mario Kart DS had a good mission mode then for some reason excluded it from future titles. Mario Tennis supposedly has a short campaign, why didn't they make it longer? Could have easily done so. I hope they don't do the same mistake with the upcoming golf game.

It's not like their games are very cheap to begin with, they should have more content

RosweeSon32d ago

I guess 900 Korok seeds or 900 moons aren’t enough for some people 😅🤣

roadkillers32d ago

It is back and forth. Their big titles are full of content. Super Mario Party was a huge letdown in terms of content.

32d ago

Nintendo will probably increase the price of their games now to about 70$. As to when they would, time will tell.

FinalFantasyFanatic32d ago

I hope not, out of the three, their games are by far the most expensive, not that I don't like them, it's just the pricing that sucks.

Sciurus_vulgaris32d ago

Of all the big publishers Nintendo probably makes the lowest budget games.

swifty132d ago

They make the smallest effort needed games...Mario 3D Allstars. Didn’t bother to remaster/remake, too much effort and cost when you can just make it fomo “limited time only bs”

Sciurus_vulgaris32d ago

Well most Nintendo games use simplistic animations, lack voice acting, non-demanding cartoon graphics,etc.

-Foxtrot32d ago

Personally since Metroid 4 is no where in sight and even second party like Bayonetta 3 are also missing, I think they are having trouble making non-cute styled games, most which aren’t side scrollers

Zhipp32d ago

I actually suspect they're sitting on complete/near complete games just waiting for the right moment to launch to maximize sales.

Metroid Prime only started development at Retro Studios 2.5yrs ago, which just isn't enough time for almost any game these days -- least of all 3D metroid. I'm sure they have something to show, but the way Nintendo has been handling announcements lately, they're not going to show anything until it's less than 6months from launch.

I dunno why you bring up Bayo3. Platinum has already proven countless times that they have no issues developing this style of game.

thesoftware73032d ago

But Nintendo is not developing bayo3..and why would Retro have trouble after they made 3 prime games?

I'm not sure what u mean.

Knushwood Butt32d ago

The R & D costs for recycling old IPs are getting higher.

It's tough porting 3DS games to Switch.

JustTheFax32d ago

It is tough porting Wii U games too, since they are almost out of games to port. haha They did them all!

Zhipp32d ago

R&D costs are likely going up because they won't be able to rely as much on ports going forward. That plus the Switch Pro are what I would guess are driving up costs.

Knushwood Butt32d ago

I personally don't see them releasing a Pro that runs games that the standard Switch cannot run.

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