'Fallout 3' Loses Some Luster After Level 20

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Fifty hours into "Fallout 3," my interest is finally starting to wear thin.

I want to keep exploring, but I've reached the game's level cap.

Combat is a central part of "Fallout 3," and while combat becomes easier and easier as you go on, once you reach level 20, it's less than irrelevant: it's just plain boring.

You could easily spend over 100 hours exploring everything in the world of "Fallout 3? because there's just so much to discover. But since "Fallout 3? is such a dangerous place, there are enemies all over the place, too. The lack of any auto-aim when not using VATS means traditional combat is too frustrating."

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Slinger4203604d ago

That is bound to happen but at the same time you have to appreciate the game for what it does. It allows you to free roam a vast world rather than pushing you down linear levels. It's great to play Fallout 3 and then go to Gears 2 or COD:WAW. These games offer different experiences and that's why it's great to have variety in gaming.

Gambit073604d ago

What makes me angry is that there is no indication that level 20 is the cap, it just happens all of a sudden. If we knew this ahead of time, we would be more careful when choosing the perks. I guess I'll just replay after the trophy patch.