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Dan Rizzo says "While it’s not hard to recommend #MassEffect to any sci-fi connoisseur, #MassEffectLegendaryEdition is most certainly the definitive way to experience this futuristic crusade."

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lonewolf1030d ago

Yes the audio levels are all over the place (going on PC version), hopefully they will sort soon. Great remaster otherwise.

CorndogBurglar30d ago

The audio levels are weird on PS4 also. Sometimes conversations are hard to hear, but as soon as I start firing my assault rifle its loud as all hell.

But I agree. This is a remaster done right, which is refreshing.

lonewolf1029d ago

Odd about the sound, (if affecting all platforms, I wonder if they forgot to level the audio), even when the same character is speaking in the same conversation it is all over the place at times.