PlayStation Studios Steam Page Goes Live, Lists 41 Games & DLCs

Sony has officially launched the PlayStation Studios Steam page, with 41 total items so far (games & DLC).

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Paleblood28d ago

We all know Sony strategy is to put some old Playstation games that already served their exclusivity purpose and are not selling anymore but let me pretend that Sony is going to put all their Playstation exclusive ganes day one on PC and pretend that Sony is going to sabotage their own console. Makes no logic but I don't care...

It has begun friends!!!! All Playstation exclusives games are going to release on PC day 1!!!


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Obscure_Observer28d ago


Lets pretend that Nintendo is not the only company to have *true* exclusives as some people used to call Playstation first party games when compared to Xbox.

oakshin28d ago

Let's not pretend your not a seriously

notachance28d ago

Playstation has so many more TRUE exclusives compared to xbox

there, happy?

neomahi28d ago

He's right. Nintendo have been the only one to hold their ground, have a pair, and not budge. Its just too bad their games don't have any life or spirit anymore. Nintendos games suck and they're always a generation late getting third-party games.

1nsomniac28d ago

Dude, chill out. It’s nothing to get yourself upset about.

badz14928d ago

Will be interesting to see if this is where they release PS4 games only or PS5 games too.

IF the PS5 games are there too, I will divert my PS5 savings towards the rtx3080. My R5 5600X pc is in need of a new GPU anyway.

DarXyde27d ago

And actually, in a bit of an odd way, this is one way to defeat scalpers. Granted, the hardware components are still costly, but yeah

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Orchard28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@Paleblood Why would you care if Sony release their games day 1 on PC? Not sure why you’re so upset over this.

You can still play them on PS5 and the game being on PC doesn’t somehow reduce your experience or the quality of the game.

Pricey28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Your right he shouldn't care. However to suggest that it would happen doesn't make much sense from a business standpoint. Anyone suggesting it will happen is likely doing so because they have a favourite platform and enjoys validating their purchase in a way they perceive to be the expense of others. Otherwise known as being a d*ck.

Orchard28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Of course it makes business sense. I’m still going to buy a PS6 if their games are on PC - as will the vast majority of current PS owners.

Console has some benefits over PC in terms of being more social, more comfortable, easier to access, less configuration etc. also certain games are better played on a console vs PC (and vice versa)

So Sony would still get the vast majority of PS customers today buying their future consoles but would now also reap the rewards from the large user base on Steam / PC.

It’ll be a net gain for sure - the customers/revenue gained by putting their games on PC will vastly outnumber the customers/revenue lost on the console side.

Sony are a corporation - they want your money - whether that money comes via PS or PC - they likely don’t care.

Imalwaysright28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

They care because they feel that they lose "bragging rights" and the warped sense of superiority they think they have over other gamers. That's literally the only reason I can think of as to why some people would care about Sony releasing their 1st party games on the PC.

Pricey28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

"I’m still going to buy a PS6 if their games are on PC" I doubt this. However i don't really care.
If Sony say exclusives are more important than ever then putting them day one on PC flies in the face of that statement. You want a unique selling point to drive people into you ecosystem. Sony's unique selling point is exclusive content with high production values. Microsoft for the time being is deriving it though pure value via rock bottom pricing.

"Sony are a corporation - they want your money - whether that money comes via PS or PC - they likely don’t care."
Absolutely, my argument is they will make more through the console than they will from PC. It does not make sense to put the software on PC to the determinant of the console ecosystem.

Orchard28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@Pricey I really doubt Sony see PC as a threat to PS, while there is some crossover, a lot of console gamers won’t even go near PC gaming, it’s not as affordable, accessible and easy to use for example.

By exclusives being important (which they are) they could just be referring to the console space. It looks increasingly likely we will be seeing Sony games on PS and PC going forward - and I doubt it’ll have much, if any negative impact on PS consoles.

DOMination-28d ago

It matters on N4G because a lot of people like to think Xbox has no exclusives because they are also available on PC. And they would be right. The word "exclusive" means exactly that. Re-defining it to mean "exclusive but only kinda as it's not available on two platforms" is a stretch.

You can't blame either MS or Sony for branching out. We ALL know that cloud computing and streaming to any device is the end game anyway so lets get the party started.

The real losers in all of this is Apple. Because they won't let any of this into their ecosystem. No wonder there are rumours over the last few days that they are set to rival Nintendo with a Switch-like product.

It doesn't matter though, they are too late into this game. Eventually.. and it probably won't be next gen, but the gen after that... there will just be one platform where you play everything. The real question is what will that platform be? The only two answers are Steam or GamePass. My guess is, MS, Sony and Steam will come together and consolidate into one system within 8 years.

People will obviously disagree with me because its N4G and they'll think I'm having a go at Sony for some weird reason, but ultimately, the more that these companies can come together, the better for all consumers. If we can just buy one box and play everything, that's the ultimate end goal and dream. I even see Nintendo, Amazon and Google becoming more open in future. And Apple will stay stubborn and offer their own ecosystem which will fail.

Anyway, the point of my long post; this is the first steps in unifying our gaming experiences. This in no way diminishes Playstation as a brand. It strengthens it, because it shows Sony are open to being a part of the inevitable future and not being a crappy closed ecosystem like Apple would throw at us.

jznrpg28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I care because I like consoles and consoles will die slowly if they start releasing day 1 exclusives . It depends how many exclusives were day 1 on how fast the death would be but either way it will hurt the console business no matter what. Xbox consoles are already dying and I don’t want PS consoles to die with them. Xbox doesn’t care about the console business it’s obvious they really only care about the sub business. They don’t make enough money from software selling them individually so they are going the sub route and don’t make money from consoles (maybe accessories) but they’re hoping to ditch all of that to use their servers to sell subs which they own already and have paid a lot for already and won’t need consoles sooner than later . I don’t think Sony is dumb enough to release PS5 games day 1 as they know it will hurt their console business and that’s where they make the most money and are the market leader . They will stay that way if they keep exclusives there for the majority of time and most permanently . There is money to made on PC but it will start to cannibalize their console business if they go too far and I’m sure they don’t want that and neither do a lot of us console gamers . If it had no affect on consoles I wouldn’t care but obviously it only hurts the console side over time . They can release older IP and not eat into their console business but any more than that will do more harm to PS consoles than help .

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itsmebryan28d ago

I can't wait to play Spiderman.

CaptainHenry91628d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The day has come. I'm hoping they do release all their exclusives on PC!!!😊🙌 I can't wait to play Bloodborne in 4k 120fps. My 3080 is ready

1Victor28d ago

Well paleblood that’s what you get for writing the /S too small 😂 a lot of disagree v smash 🤣

blacktiger27d ago

still works though right? After all it was exclusive to SONY and no other console so it will work,

Aussiesummer27d ago

You do care, you are here typing out your frustration.

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RazzerRedux28d ago

"There are about 41 games and DLCs, with some hidden."

Wonder what is "hidden". Right now there are only 24 viewable items. 3 games and the rest are DLC.

excaliburps28d ago

Chances are, it's a game or two and a bunch of DLCs. I doubt Sony has 10+ games coming to Steam that's there already.

phoenixwing28d ago

Either way I'll be patient and wait for them since it's impossible to get a ps5 without paying a scalper lol

blackblades28d ago

Lol what that got to do with ps5, only ps4 games going on pc for awhile but you keep waiting though

SegaSaturn66928d ago

Everyone i know who wanted a ps5 has one. You need to download a shopping app (i used walmart), and have payment info filled out. Then wait for a drop.

RedDevils28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Follow twitter stock update and you will get one before you whine about it. I got my GPU, Ps5, XSX all from there.

bradleejones27d ago

I've tried since November too.
I have used a shopping app and have still struck out. I kind of gave up for the time being as it was getting old. I've had one in my cart probably 15 times and could never check out. I'm just going to stop wasting my time and wait for them to be available. Also games to come out.

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TheHan28d ago

Could be some good ones too. This is good news for gaming even if people may feel jaded.

RazzerRedux28d ago

I agree. I know this isn't popular among PS fans, but it is a good thing. I celebrated Xbox games coming to PC and I'll do the same with PS games.

IRetrouk28d ago

I dont get the issue personally 🤷‍♂️
Sony said some pc releases, while still supporting their consoles with exclusives didn't they🤔 they covering both bases from what I can see. Even if they did go day and date, it personally wouldn't effect me as I don't game on pc. They have supported pc in the past while also providing plenty that was exclusive to the playstation, panic over nothing, plus more money in means even more invested into win.

RazzerRedux27d ago


"Sony said some pc releases"

Yeah....they absolutely did. Sony has a strategy when it comes to their games on PC. I don't believe that strategy includes day one releases on PC. With a delayed release on PC, Sony is able to create hype for their games a second time. We've got the impending release of Days Gone on PC and so Days Gone is all in the news. How much attention would Days Gone be receiving at this point without this delayed release on PC? None.

I'd prefer day one releases on PC myself, but I absolutely understand why Sony isn't going to do that.

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Vits28d ago

A bit odd. Currently there is 21 DLC for HELLDIVERS and Predator. When taking into consideration the games themselves that number goes to 25. That will rise again to 27 after they add GUNS UP! and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture to the list.

So I wonder what exactly are those 14 other itens. Might just be a oversight though.

Nitrowolf228d ago

Could be, or might just be another small game. Maybe more planned dlc too

Vits28d ago

The only game that could still get DLC is Predator that have at least 4 more planned. But that is still far short of the 14 empy entries. For small games I don't know if there even is one that would make sense to port for the PC. And Sony don't look interested in that, porting only AAA so far.

I think it was just a oversight. Maybe they listed things twice or something like that.