Hotline Miami Collection will release physically for Switch & PS4

The Hotline Miami Collection, which was published digitally in 2019, will subsequently be physically published for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Both versions are already listed on Amazon, and you can even pre-order the switch version.

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GamingSinceForever560d ago

This was my shit. Especially the 1st one.

dsammy04560d ago

Really enjoyed these games on my Vita they were perfect for on the go gaming

Inverno560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

The Switches box art looks more interesting than the reverse side and the PS4s box, it seems*

LucasRuinedChildhood560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

I can't believe Hotline Miami 2 came out 6 years ago. Day 1 sale, no regrets.