Subnautica On PS5 Gets The Most Drastic File Size Reduction Compared To PS4

Subnautica on PS5 is finally out with an update released yesterday and the impact on the file size of the game is huge thanks to the new compression.

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Jin_Sakai32d ago

More than a 70% reduction. That’s amazing!

The framerate and screen tearing is awful on the PS5 version in performance mode. I suggest going into the dev console by pressing L1+R1+X and typing in vsync. Then repeat and type in targetframerate 60. Then it will be smooth as butter.

Hakaro32d ago

PlayStation 5 has lived up to Mark Cerny's claims on every front arguably exceeded them.

Under promise over deliver. That's how you do business.

purple10132d ago

Yep there was a comment on Twitter ages ago I forget who it's from now but someone important and they said basically certainly has 'underplayed' everything was the words he used

and it's actually way more powerful thanks to the way the memory works .

And he left loads of bits out of that deep dive.

Your comment reminded me of this

VenomUK31d ago

The PS5's Kraken compression definitely seems a good choice for inclusion.

31d ago
CobraKai32d ago

Thanks. Are there Dual Sense features?

Jin_Sakai32d ago

“Thanks. Are there Dual Sense features?”

That’s what I used.

Gaming4Life198132d ago

I really like that they are able to make the file sizes smaller cause game files are way too big nowadays.

Atomicjuicer32d ago

Maybe Sony should also provide some storage for its console?

Orbilator31d ago

Maybe you should go back to your Xbox and just leave us alone here

OptimusDK31d ago

Maybe you should stick to the topic

31d ago
SullysCigar31d ago

Huh? There's internal storage and you can expand it externally.

OptimusDK31d ago

But not PLAY ps5 games From external.

Pyrofire9531d ago

The internal expansion isn't usable yet. You can put in an NVMe drive but it wont do anything.

31d ago
Eonjay31d ago

That's kinda the point no? And then eventually both because having more storage is nice but having that with 70% compression is amazing.

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SirBruce31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Remember that, from April, it is possible to play and storage from external units... but my option will be to substitute internal NVME for a faster, standard 4TB unit in not more than 18 months... if Chia crypto permits it, of course. I think PS5 NVME will be part of an older PC after that, so it serves for some more years after the change of home.
Have you thought about this? That, if you substitute your PS5 storage unit, you can use the old one on a PC or laptop... or a new TV set compatible with NVME, so the price of the unit makes a discount when you buy a new one to install on your PS5.

Pyrofire9531d ago

It's a little hard to understand what you're saying but...
-You can only play from an external drive with PS4 games, not PS5
-NVMe drives wont work until PS5 is patched to use them (they don't yet)
-not totally sure if it's what you're saying, but if you're saying you're going to use the stock PS5 drive on your pc when you get a 4TB one, that's impossible, the stock storage is soldered to the motherboard

Eidolon31d ago

Would love to use NVMe drives as storage/PS4 play. Moving back and forth from PS5 would be so much quicker than an external HDD/2.5 SSD.

ScootaKuH31d ago

Oodles of noodles in the poodles

waverider31d ago

This is really great. I hope other studios can achieve something like this. 70% less is crazy.

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