PlayStation 5 officially available in China

Sony’s PlayStation 5 games console will go on sale in China from Saturday.

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Nyxus28d ago

Some pictures from Sony stores throughout the country:

blackblades28d ago

Maaaaan so they can be in line at a store but everywhere else can't.

lcslick28d ago

Alot of places in China were pretty much back to normal after about 2-3 months after the outbreak. Apart from having to wear masks and get your temp checked at malls

Paleblood28d ago

That's a real big line! I didn't expected Sony to have that kind of popularity on China. PS5 worldwide sales are going to have a huge pike now.

I wish other countries could go in store and buy PS5 like that.

Funny note: Those are sclarpers selling the PS5 in China!!! 😂 All PS5s are held by scalpers.

Fist4achin28d ago

I heard it's actually a line of scalpers to buy one and they will just turn around and sell it down the line for a continual markup. The last person in line is the only true gamer.

DarXyde28d ago

I'm no China expert, but I believe there's a big culture around promoting and supporting Chinese products there (somewhat similar to Japan, though there are clear exceptions in both cases).

Sony has been doing a lot of promoting of Chinese devs, which is possibly a good reason for this enthusiasm and support.

However, Sony may also learn an important lesson about the disregard for copyright law in China.

I'm hoping this relationship remains mutually beneficial and many more people can enjoy PlayStation. I also hope we're not going to see an explosion in piracy and knockoffs.

Vits28d ago

I really wonder how big is the official library available for it right now. If I recall correctly the Switch has something dumb like 3 games in the first year or so.

Paleblood28d ago

That's nice. They should let people buy in store too in other countries.

nickanasty20628d ago (Edited 28d ago )

You can, i was able to get my PS5 at Fred Meyers. I am in Washington State. All just depends on the retailer.

Futureshark28d ago

Genshin Impact to make a shed load on microtransactions via PS5 I bet, Sony very happy.

Jay76728d ago

PlayStation about to outsell the Xbox 4 to 1 now instead of 3 to 1 ;).

TheRealTedCruz28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Loved my N64, loved my Dreamcast, loved my Gamecube, loved my original Xbox.
All of them were fairly weak in the market, in terms of sales.

All of them offered me fantastic experiences. Weird. That's just me though; a gamer who cared about the games had, and not how much hardware the multinational making the hardware sold.

Nyxus28d ago

The Dreamcast was Sega's last console. That's why sales matter.

Redemption-6428d ago

Yeah, but the company bringing you those game care, you know, they might, go out of business or stop making consoles. I care if Sony systems sell well, since Playstation is my favorite and I am guaranteed to get some of the games I like, as long as they keep doing well. Just as I am sure an Xbox or Nintendo fan will be happy their favorite system is doing well.

RedDevils28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Must be a Playstation hater, I feel sorry you missed all the great PS games over the years. lol fucking fanboy mentality.

28d ago
Atticus_finch28d ago

You're just built different huh?

Milkshake21227d ago (Edited 27d ago )

And Sega got out of the console scene due to low Dreamcast sales but... carry on. lol

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