1UP Show: Killzone 2, Prince of Persia, Persona 4

Killzone 2's single player gets previewed and we give impressions of Prince of Persia and Persona 4 in this week's 1UP Show.

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Ryo-Hazuki3607d ago

just for 1up's the final build u will be able to seamlessly ironsight and crouch with ease (via cod4/waw). That was one of the fixes occurring right now

tonywood3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

1up crew, why can't you just give respect and credit when it's due.
I watched the 1up crew talk about how great gears2 was for them....and Gears2 was really good. Killzone 2 looks and from what I's ripping both Halo2,3 and Gears1,2...easily!

This is not fanboy talk, people act like K2 was something slopped together, and not a game that took YEARS to develop on a machine that is 2nd only to a elite gaming PC. These guys (And girl) are fighting to pick out anything to hate on, knowing darn well this games makes Gears and Halo look like Goldeneye on N64. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE ARGUE ABOUT SYSTEMS AND GAMES, BECAUSE OF BIAS HATERS. I play R2 and know that it is not better than gears....and no Sony superfan will embarrass themselves trying to say so.

Graphics Whore3606d ago

1up is hopelessly biased, there is nothing that can save there reputation.