Xbox Kicks Off Its Twentieth Birthday Celebration With Anniversary Gear

Xbox will be celebrating its twentieth birthday this year with a ton of new gear and we're all invited to the celebration.

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darthv7228d ago

I thought it was cologne they teased.

purple10128d ago

20 years of corrupted game files, reinstalls, overheating 360's, broken promises & the biggest game droughts the industry has ever seen..

"here: buy a mug to celebrate how bad its been"

but:: halo was good, once upon a time

Highrevz28d ago

Corrupted game files, reinstalls? that’s the PS4/5.

Xbox doesn’t have issues with corruption and thanks to free cloud saves and stability you don’t have to worry about losing save data. This is literally the reason I packed my PS4 away and won’t touch the ps5 until Sony fixes it’s stability.

Look it up, Xbox doesn’t corrupt.
There’s no blue screen errors, no rebuilding the data base or the dreaded initialise system (option 7 on safe mode but I’m sure you already know where that is) worst case you have to update offline with a usb but you want lose a single save file.

This is hilarious you tried to use these lies to bash Xbox when it’s the PlayStations biggest flaw, still not stable or rest mode working on ps5 🙈 no wonder Sony won’t fix it when there’s people like you out there.

Made my day reading this lol thank you.

mattyhaxxx228d ago

Exactly my thoughts. I have both and I can say with my experience the ps4 is a lacklustre experience compared to t he one

purple10126d ago

I think youl find PS4 has cloud saves if you pay for ps+.

Also. I have a one. Project Scorpio day one edition indeed . It's janky as hell..

I know what I'm talking about. I've been playing games 20 years. Owned every console since the mega drive (genesis in USA) and am now 34. So have much experience with consoles.

I don't have a switch ..but that's about it to be honest. EVEry other console.!

Highrevz25d ago


The Xbox needs a power cycle to clear cache, it will free up the OS. Most people are aware of this, even casuals know basic problem solving on the consoles they use.

As for Sony 😂 I have plenty of experience, just a quick google search will tell you just how bad it is and has been since PS4 launched, the problem is the ps5 didn’t improve on that and it’s still an issue

Any hard crash or sudden loss of power( power cut for example) will most likely result in the console corrupting and requiring an offline update. Cloud saves are not free on PlayStation but you would still lose that days progress even if you did pay for cloud saves.
You would think cloud saves would be free on such an unstable platform.

Xbox doesn’t corrupt like that, look that up also. You can yank the power cord out the wall, have games hard crash and it will not corrupt. Cutting power while updating has a good chance of corrupting the console but that goes for any console.
It’s incredibly stable compared to PlayStation, I know from experience and from everyone else that owns one and asks me to borrow my usb stick with the file.

Ask anyone that owns both platforms and who knows what they are talking about or just google it, get back at me when you have further educated yourself about PlayStation and Xbox👍

I’m older then you and have been gaming longer then you and also own every console except for ps5, you know why I haven’t brought a ps5 yet? It’s not just because there isn’t many exclusives to justify buying it but because the platform has let me down many times and until Sony improves stability with crashes and rest mode I’m staying well away.
This is all irrelevant of course as you will learn when you google play stim corruption or rest mode issues.

I normally ignore your biased comments just like the others but this one really made me laugh. It’s cringe af and you aren't going to change peoples minds about what console to play by belittling there choice, especially when you are so very very wrong like this.

I’d say be a better person online because there’s no way anyone your age acts like this offline,right?

mattyhaxxx228d ago

Anyone can see the quality between ps4 and Xbox one just turn them on and see the operating system the ps4 is ancient and slow compared to the Xbox one. Isn’t even on the same level.