PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs Switch Sales Comparison Charts Through May 1

Here we see data representing the global sales through to consumers and change in sales performance of the three current platforms (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch) and three legacy platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo 3DS) over comparable periods for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

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darthv7237d ago

Looking at the jump from 2019 to 2020... Switch just exploded in popularity. And it keeps on trucking towards that 100m club.

roadkillers36d ago

I don't understand why Nintendo would want to launch a next gen version of the Switch, especially since the price had never been cut.

What gets me is the fact that Nintendo hasn't even released a new Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Pikmin, Star Fox, Metroid, and various other first party. Now would be the time to release these titles, especially the obscure ones. We had animal crossing, a game that wouldn't break 10 million copies a decade ago selling more than an annual installment of CoD. Breath of the Wild was the best selling Zelda game, same with Odyssy, I'm sure Mario Kart 8 is up there. Release more games Nintendo

Knushwood Butt36d ago

Why bother when they can sell cheap, lazy 3DS ports?

darthv7236d ago

Rumor has it they are working on a new DK game. And metroid prime 4 is in some kind of stage of development.

neomahi36d ago

Console shortages, people were bored during COVID and PS5 and Xbox SEX were bought up by scalpers and shortages of manufacturing made a huge difference, but honestly, given the power of the Switch and games available, todays Switch gamers are tomorrows PS5 consumers.

DOMination-36d ago

I work in purchasing so here's a little shinfo for you guys.

Switch was impossible to get hold of for the first half of 2020. Oh I know, believe me, I had a megaton of angry customers to deal with.

but here is where Nintendo has profited - they have older oders than MS and Sony naturally, due to their console being out way before, plus their parts are generally cheaper to source for factories. That combined with the unique portability of the Switch has meant its been a no-brainer for parents over the last 12 months. Nintendo have hit the jackpot as they've had a compelling product at the right time, in unfortunate circumstances.

But in the second half of the year and 2022 onwards the orders for PS5 and Xbox will hit the front of the queue for factories in Asia and sales will start to even out between the big three.

Lucky or not, the Switch is still a juggernaut and now has a lot of (console) exclusives. N4G should show it more respect.

1Victor36d ago

Boom the fake chartz exploded in their hands

Magog37d ago

PS5 absolutely crushing the Xbox and for some reason they are bringing up a handheld gaming device in the same article.

darthv7237d ago

I imagine they are reflecting the platforms that were on the market at that time. Did not matter if it was portable or home console. It is an overall view and not one meant to discriminate.

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Darkborn37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Technically the switch is a home console, although not a traditional one. It has the potential to go far and possibly beat the ps4, but it's also because it's a handheld.

Rude-ro36d ago

Technically it is a mobile device that has a tv connector.

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NeoGamer23234d ago

Yup, and Switch is crushing PS5.

Unless you are on top it doesn't matter who you are crushing.

Magog34d ago

It's a last gen hand held. Not comparable.

NeoGamer23234d ago

IT is a console and handheld device. Just because it doesn't use the latest tech doesn't exclude it from the market. That is like saying we count Sony, and Samsung TV sales but we exclude Insignia because it is a older and cheaper tech. The only people that want to exclude Switch is the Sony fans that only care about Sony beating XB because that is the sole focus of their life. LOL. I don't even think most of them play games, because they spend way too much of their life on this site.

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jznrpg36d ago

It would be nice to see how many Switch Lites are selling vs the actual console version.

DefaultComment36d ago

Less that the console version but posibly a 70% gap i would say...of course I could be wrong.

Doge36d ago

Around 21% of the total sales were Switch Lite according to their latest report. Switch Lite is at 14.7m while the Switch is at 69.8m.

NeoGamer23234d ago

I don't know why that is so important. That would be like segregating out XB Series X and S sales. It really doesn't matter. Or even breaking out PS5 vs PS5 Digital sales. They all play the same games available to the generation they are in.

The fact is if you are a Sony sales lover you are getting killed by Switch, and if you are an XB sales lover you are getting killed by both Sony and Switch. Switch is the #1 selling console this generation and it is likely to become the best selling console of all time. Whether the other fans like it or not. You can be a fanboy and say Switch isn't a console, but that is just a way of trying to make it seem like Switch is some special category so they don't count. Fact, is they have differentiated themselves from Sony and MS and have done so in a way that gives them the largest share of the market.

DJStotty34d ago

They want the sales splitting for anything other than Playstation, for some reason, people get all itchy when a console is selling well, either that or they are scared their piece of plastic will get outsold.

Either way i predict the Switch to possibly overtake the PS4 in a few years.

NeoGamer23234d ago

I don't know why console sales are so important anyhow.

The most important thing is games not consoles. And all three platforms have tons of games.

DJStotty34d ago

Why? the Switch sales would still be the same....

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