PlayStation 5's “Returnal” revitalizes a Finnish studio

Axios: "Housemarque tells us how they made a PS5 game that's turning heads."

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ArchangelMike29d ago

So glad for HouseMarque that Returnal was a critical hit. Hopefully the sales follow through and Sony see fit to bank roll a sequeal.

Magog29d ago

Seems like the kind of game ripe for a full sized old school expansion pack to me.

28d ago
S2Killinit29d ago

Im a happy customer. Tough but rewarding game.

Bathyj29d ago

I don't think revitalizes is the right word. Like they were withering and dying.

I think elevates is better as they've always been amazing in quality but have now lifted to a level they never achieved before.

Kornholic28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

From a financial standpoint they were withering and dying. That's why they decided to leave the indie games behind and try their hand at a proper AAA game.

yeahokwhatever28d ago

sucks for me because i very much enjoy their other work, this one, not so much.

Watchyabackbai8429d ago

Just finished returnal 9.5 for me great game a must buy took off .5 because it left me wanting more so it's really a 10 from me :)

28d ago
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