Biomutant Gets New Gameplay Videos for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X

PP: The developers behind Biomutant have done us all a solid and taken the initiative in producing some unedited gameplay across various consoles.

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Graey28d ago

I like the idea of this game, but it is a definite wait and see.

OMGitzThatGuy28d ago

Looks massively undercooked or unpolished.

jjb198128d ago

I like how they show the system, resolution and fps. I've already pre-ordered this on PC for $43. It looks worth the jump for that price.i really like the concept and combat. I guess I'll see if I got bamboozled by the trailers.

Teflon0228d ago

I like preordering and think it's one of the things I don't get people being against (sounds like babies complaining for no reason). BUT this is the one instance where the preorder made me going from "ohh yeah I really wanted this years ago, I may get if I have some spare cash after release". To saying hard pass, since a WHOLE class is locked behind a preorder smh. Don't care if it'll release later for free or whatever they want to do. That's not one of the things you should ever do that with.

Do hope the game ends up great though for whoever buys it.

Lazerdone28d ago

You dk why people are against paying for something u have no clue abought?

instantstupor27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I don't begrudge people for preordering, but the unfortunate side effect is that publishers get guaranteed money off of hype without showing the quality of the title or of its experience. Companies are becoming more emboldened to release more and more broken games that just get patched later.

Take CP2077 - that game made back its entire budget for development and advertisement in preorders alone. People put down money before it was widely known just how broken the game was and how deceitful the marketing was for the base consoles. If CDPR had to worry about reviews and word of mouth to sell games, where people waited until after release when their purchasing decision could be better informed, there's simply no way they would have dreamt of shipping the game in the state it launched in.

Again, it is a problem with the companies, not those that preorder. But preordering only helps companies, and really has no sizable upside for those buying the game.

jznrpg28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It looks really good to for a THQ game , by far the best I’ve seen from them outside of Darksiders 2 . I like the staff glide and fire slide, nice touches. Combat looks better than I expected personally , they have done a nice job from I can see. This isn’t a Sony game where it has the ultimate polish in combat and animations and such but this team has made something that looks very good especially when compared to past THQ games but even on its own it looks great . It’s definitely the best looking game in all areas I’ve seen THQ make, Darksiders 2 was good for its time though I really enjoyed 1&2 but 2 was more polished . Not all games are going to be Sony quality and they don’t have to be to be good games . If this was a first party game I’d expect more polish but this is a smaller team and budget I like what they have made from what I’ve seen .I believe for the majority of development it was 20 people working on this. If they can get enough sales the next one can be so much more but it needs support at release or at least the first month and not when it goes down in price . I preordered the collectors edition and I’ll probably buy it digitally too as I don’t open collectors editions too often and want this game to succeed . It looks great to me actually , it doesn’t run super smooth on base PS4 which isn’t surprising as there is a lot of action and nice detail in the environments but I’ll be playing it on my PS5 anyway. It’s not going to be perfect as a new IP but this team needs good sales to be able to step up their budgets and go beyond this . I hope to see a Biomutant 2 as they have some good ideas already and combat looks good with this game and with a bigger budget and team this new IP could go much farther . I’m not always looking for perfect game especially with new IP but if the core is good and fun I’ll support it . I played the Witcher 1 and it had a lot of issues but I saw potential . 2 was a much better game but still could improve , and 3 was a culmination of the support the first 2 games received . I hope the same goes for Biomutant and hope the full game is a good start for this IP.

Lazerdone28d ago

No no one's gonna buy a bad game just to support a possible sequel lol your money you can but rest of us will wait and see

Hellcat202028d ago

Hell yeah day one for me too
If it sucks then oh well

Lazerdone28d ago

Guess they didn't wanna pull a cyberpunk

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